Christmas in NYC

Christmas in NYC (Bergdorf Goodman)

December 6, 2011

Every year you can depend on Bergdorf Goodman in NYC to have the most elaborate holiday window displays in the world. This year they are called ‘Animals on Parade’ and they are as over the top as ever!

So I thought we should take the time to break down one of my favorite windows of 2011.

Here is the complete window visual.

Now here is a closer look at some things you may not have seen.

Like did you notice this monkey stealing a bottle of bubbles?

Not too stealthy monkey… or all his friends, thick as thieves, cheering him on!

I would fight him for it and you know I’d win…

How about my favorite find in this window, a sneaky fox with the fork!

Trying to get a taste of the cakes in the window!

Not this time foxy loxy… not this time!

These windows are hands down the craziest ones I have ever seen! I can’t even imagine the hours that go into them!

Thanks Bergdorf for making my holidays special!

Me. Fab dorf

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