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TwasThe Night

December 1, 2011

Last night nearly 7,000 people flocked into Calgary’s city centre to partake in the biggest holiday shopping event this city has ever seen!

The event titled “Twas The Night” was filled with food, drinks and Mr. Fab’s gift guide! Tickets were $15 and every bit of it went to support 2 great charities.

Entering CORE shopping I was in such a tizzy not even knowing where to start, retailers were offering some amazing discounts, so I grabbed a map and started a light jog!

All of the sudden I was stopped in my tracks when I hit the first of many food tables!

Stations upon stations of food, serving imaginative versions of things like Turkey and Gravy,

to tables stacked with scallops and duck.

Within minutes my light jog had turned into a sloppy waddle. Then the clamouring of the desert table hit my ear, and like a 12th grade track star I was up and running again.

As I approached, Trifles and Puffs were giving me the ‘come hither’ look, but like a single man in a bar, I was holding out for something more.

Then our eyes met… It was a chocolate cup filled with eggnog mouse! My heart skipped a beat and I was in love. I opened up my beak like a seagull on Fisherman’s Warf and downed  7 of them. But before I could even swallow I was snapped back into reality by the sounds of indoor fireworks!

The time had come, Chantal Kreviazuk was about to take centre court and in a mild sugar shock I stumbled over to the stage.

Now sometimes I think I can sing, but hearing Chantal perform let me know I am sadly mistaken. She is now on my top 5 of the most amazing sounding live performers. Her voice was amazing, she sang 4 of her own tracks and when the snow started falling indoors she finished with her rendition of Winter Wonderland!

As the night ended I thought of how many people took so much time to host a great event and give back to our community through charitable donation.

I appreciated all the hard work and the selfless giving!

What a nice way to kick off the holiday season!

Mr. Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!