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CORE Holiday Gift Guide #5

November 16, 2011

As a child my favorite gift to open on Christmas was my stocking, it always has been. Maybe it was because I knew my brother would give me all the chocolate Santa had brought him in trades for my Christmas Orange. Or maybe it was because it was filled with more items than I had underneath the tree. Quantity vs Quality… I was a kid, I didn’t know the difference.

To this day I still cherish my stocking and although it looked a lot bigger when I was small, I still look forward to it and the chocolate trade that comes along with it.

This week I decided to share several things that I hope to find in my stocking this year and to say thanks for reading, I am going to give it all away to get you started on your stocking stuffer list!

When cold wind starts blowing, I am always scrambling to find something to sooth my sore chapped lips and over a many year search I have now found the best! If I were Oprah I would add it to my ‘favorite things’ list!

Jack Black Lip Balm ($8 @Holt Renfrew) makes sure I am kissable all year-long.

This particular balm has been designed for men and has a semi-matt finish so it doesn’t leave your man looking like he just polished off a bucket of chicken. It also comes in several refined great flavors that won’t leave him tasting like a juice box, my favorite is Lemon and Chamomile.

Now if you’re looking for the best gift for your drunken friends, have I got the item for you! Over at Land and Sea they sell the Corksicle ($28.95); it’s the perfect gift for keeping white wine chilled.

The corksicle is made of BPA-free plastic filled with a reusable freeze gel. Just pop it in the bottle after your first glass is poured and you’ll have perfect temperature wine until the bottles gone.

As this is my stocking stuffer guide I have to be honest and tell you that no matter who you’re shopping for, Land and Sea has got it! They even have something for your single friends who can’t get no ‘back scratchin love’

This little beauty is not only telescopic so you can cover all their square footage. The Claw is $6.95 and cheaper than a first date!

Lastly for that boss that you don’t even think knows your name but you don’t dare overlook… how about a simple option!

Give them a set of tickets to Twas The Night on November 30th ($15). Who wouldn’t want a night filled with shopping, eating and a live performance by Chantal Kreviazuk… who knows, maybe he/she will find a gift for you to say thank-you!

Speaking of being thankful, I have been so lucky to have had so many people follow my blog and support me, so much so that I have just been nominated for the “Best New Blog” in Canada. As my way of saying thanks I am going to give away everything I have written about this week!

You have 2 ways to enter

#1 Vote for me as “Best New Blog”

 then leave me a message below letting me know you have.


#2 Copy and Tweet the following:

Vote for @immrfabulous as “Best New Blog” in Canada

 and visit his site to win a ton of great prizes from @COREshopping

Winner will be notified Sunday night and prize includes, Lip Balm, Corksicle, Claw and 2 Tickets to ‘Twas The Night’ November 30th

Good Luck and thanks for making me Fabulous!

Mr. Fab o ho ho

  1. Well Mr. Fabulicious you totally deserve to win this as you always seem to make me chuckle when I read your posts. Not only did I vote for you, I also tweeted it out to #YYC to vote for you too (@gillescarriere). Good Luck!

  2. Well am I ever glad our paths crossed the other night!! Totally lovin your blog Mr. Fabulous, you’ll always have my vote!
    Not to mention I’m going to get me a corksicle! How cool!!

  3. Absolutely voted for you!! I’m definitely going to buy my mom a corkcicle for her stocking! What a great idea!!

  4. Congrats to Megan Schlechter who comment above. You are the winner of the Corksicle and the rest of my favorite stocking stuffer items along with 2 tickets to Twas the Night! See you there!

Looking forward to reading your comments!