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Versace for H&M

November 14, 2011

This Saturday November 19th, lines will form across the globe as select H&M stores launch the limited edition Versace collaboration to the masses.

H&M has been the leading retail store to pair up with major designers, giving the public a chance to own a piece of luxury at an affordable price.

Typical accessories by the house of Versace would retail anywhere from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars but during this release most of these items will sell for less than $100.00

All the items in the collection will be in hot demand and if any of the past designer collections have taught us anything, the pieces will most likely sell out in minutes.

If security wasn’t guarding these windows when I photographed them, I would have jumped into them and grabbed as much as I could.

For those who are waiting and coveting any of the pieces, you better get to the store early or be prepared to spend a little extra cash on eBay the next day.

Thanks H&M for giving me high fashion without the high price tag, I have always been a big fan!

Check back after the launch, I may just be giving something away….

Mr. Fab sace

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