Tasty Tuesday (Laurier by Gordon Ramsay)

November 8, 2011

Last month I paid a visit to a good friend living and studying in Montreal. One day she will be called to the Bar and it won’t be for a Smirnoff Ice. She will become a lawyer and I in turn will have a good shot at staying out of prison.

As to keep her on my good side I decided to take her for dinner, the cost of dinner a mere down payment on her future fee. She chose Laurier by Gordon Ramsay.

Starving and not sure if this was my type of place, we were seated and a giant jar of pickles awaited us at the table, I knew then I would be very comfortable!

We order 2 side dishes, creamed spinach and green beans with parmesan to share,

as well as the largest plate of poutine I have ever seen!

After confirming they had a wheel barrel to take us out in, I ordered a quarter rotiserie chicken with even more fries; after all, this is what the place is known for!

After my button popped off (and grazed our servers face) I was fearing an early lawsuit and decided it was time to leave.

This place is a must visit if you are ever in Montreal, and if you have graduated legal counsel with you may I suggest you steal the jar of pickles.

Mr. Fab Judy

Looking forward to reading your comments!