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Model Milk opens in Calgary

October 7, 2011

You know you’ve opened a successful restaurant when I go to round-up my posse to leave and they look me in the eyes and tell me “We ain’t goin’ nowhere!”… This was the case last night with the opening of Model Milk.

Their location has been quite a number of venues over the last 100 years since the building opened as a dairy creamery; the best one being a happening night club with no doors on the bathroom stalls. The place has come a long way thanks to the brilliant team over at RAD.

I was lucky enough to meet one of the designers, Kelly, who took me on a private tour of one of the large private rooms. No detail at Model Milk was overlooked: the chandeliers were crafted from hundred year old milk bottles, the wood was reclaimed, the milk factory’s original brick wall exposed… Perfect furnishings brought it all together.

Model Milk’s menu is small but original, food I have never seen on a menu made my mouth water like a tween on a shopping spree in Aritzia. The best dish of the night was the Shrimp and Grits with a chorizo emulsion. ($14)

Just the right amount of creamy and spicy, this is rich and longing to be shared by a couple on date night.

I’m also a real sucker for bread, and the Crab Roll, only available on the late night menu, made me want to wrap myself in a dough blanket and parade around yelling “Model Milk is the bread King!” And don’t even get me stated on the Calamari Fricassee ($13)

Thank goodness I know when to call it an evening and leave, because one more of their Black Manhattans and I would have caused a scene.

The Black Manhattan ($12), a mix of Whiskey, Amaro Averna, Chocolate Bitters, and Orange Zest is in my mind the best drink in town!

Well Model Milk you sold me on the perfection of the design and you will keep me coming back for your eats. Thanks for the invite, I’m sorry I couldn’t drag my friends out of there… they’re your’s now!

Mr. Fab ottle of milk

Looking forward to reading your comments!