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My Big Blo Job (Contest)

August 27, 2011

Have you ever looked in the mirror and threatened your hair? You’ve tried to make the best of what God gave you only to realized you have ‘product-ed’ it to the point of no return.

Enter the hair geniuses of the newest Calgary hotspot BLO

Their concept is simple and well refined; No cuts, No colors, Just Blo and Go. And the salon is streamline and sexy, much like their staff.

When I was invited to experience my first Blo Job I squealed like a high-school girl being asked to prom by the captain of the football team and much the same I was about to get my own personalized JBF hair.

Blo's "Holly Would" Style
Blo's "Holly Would" Style

As I relaxed over Jersey Shore speak and a conversation about ‘Dina’ that nearly had me rolling on the floor,  thoughts of my up comming ‘Snooki-fied’ hair filled my head

With a squeeky clean mop and my pink champagne being refilled, I was on to the big blo. The tools where out and the pomade was being slathered in; within seconds my hair was being whipped into a ‘frenzie’.

As I glanced into the mirror, my ‘Pauly D’ was starting to show, and after a final shalacking I was ready to fist pump with my fellow bros.

the "Blo Bro's" style

Now this could quite possibly be the best concept I have seen in a long time. I don’t know a lady that wouldn’t love to have her hair done after a long day at work before heading out with her friends or her man for a night on the town. For just $35.00  you can choose a style out of their signature style menu. This is a major steal, not to mention a perfect gift!

Blo officially opens today in Calgary and in 24 inches I will be back looking for this little ditty!

Blo's "BoHo Braid"

But until then, thanks to my friends at BLO, one lucky reader will be picking their favorite style off the menu to help them feel like a million bucks!

The contest will be open until Monday night and as always you can get your name into the draw twice.

#1 Comment Below;

Tell me to BLO you!


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@immrfabulous got a great BLO job thanks to @bloheartsyou now I want one too!

Good Luck!

Mr. Fab lo out!

Looking forward to reading your comments!