mmmMemory Test

August 9, 2011

It is inevitable that you will remember something from your past or your childhood that nobody else will. Not only does this make you look crazy but after a while you start to doubt your memory and start to wonder, “Was it all in my head?”

This is the pickle I’m in! Even google has not helped me in my search, so I turn to my faithful readers to lift the shadow of doubt I have cast upon myself.

Think back to about 15+ years ago, the Flintstones movie hit the theatre and the theme took over the marketing world… McDonald’s launched the McRib and with no doubt, Woolco started selling branded merchandise.

Now this is where I need your help. I swear on my memory; which is bad in the short-term but good in the long-term, that a soft drink was created called ‘Rockaberry Red‘ Maybe it was made by Fanta and it tasted like bubbly cotton candy!

If you have any knowledge of this or any resource that says it to be true, please comment below.

As a foodie… I would never forget an ingestible. Could It all have been a dream?

Mr. Fab aberry Red

Looking forward to reading your comments!