Surfing Sunday

Surfing Sunday (Fashion Gold!)

August 7, 2011

Lately I have been in love with other people’s fashion and mainly women’s fashion. This season the girls have really stepped up to the plate and are hitting home runs!

There is one site in particular that I go to when I am looking for something really fashion fabulous. A blogger, a friend and a fierce fashion competitor on the Canadian scene.

K.D Faustino a.k.a The Girl With The Messy Hair

She has really unique fashion sense and knows how to work the camera. I have yet to even achieve comparable standards to her in a photo. This is why I picked the blurriest and yuckiest photo of her… so I could stand out.

This girl could take a Garbage bag, 3 pipe cleaners and a broken record and make it fashion. And if that weren’t enough, to add fuel to the fire she is also about 7 feet tall with legs that put JLO to shame. Go check out her blog to see what she really looks like!

With her as my inspiration, one day I will be able to hold my fashion own!

The Mr. With The Fab by hair!

Looking forward to reading your comments!