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Famous Fridays (the Queens)

August 5, 2011

I love me a famous celebrity as much as I love me a crazy drag queen. But what if the 2 worlds were to collide?

I have already written about literally running into the Queen of them all, RuPaul, in the streets of NYC. But what about his prodigies?

If you ever had the chance to watch RuPauls Drag Race on OutTV, you’ll know what I am talking about. The fabulous haute mess of a reality show that follows a group of boys around who are vying to be the next big girl.

But what happens to the ones who don’t win the crown? Well a girl has still gotta get paid and if you love what you do, you continue to live the dream and perform in clubs across America.

To date I have met several of the queens featured on the show. Here are my favorite meetings! Fabulous or not, they never disappoint!

Carmen Carrera

She knows it and I know it… The prettiest one to have ever been on the show.

India Ferrah, Stacey Layne Matthews, Mimi Imfurst

India was always fab and had some the craziest make-up and Stacey I am pretty sure is actually a female. As for Mimi Imfurst, hands down the craziest person who has ever been on the show and don’t for a second think it was the editing. Her stage show was nuttier than Mr. Peanut himself.

Morgan McMichaels

I loved Morgan on the show but seeing her perform in person trumped anything she ever did on the show. To date she is the most talented queen I have ever seen on stage.

Manila Luzon

Lastly, Manila Luzon. My favorite contestant from all seasons and my favorite to watch compete. Down to the final two with Raja, victory was STOLEN from her. She should have won season 3. You know how to ‘WORK!’

For all the queens I haven’t met, Thank you for what you do, bringing joy to all the little girls and boys, showing them it’s okay to be who you are and do what you love!

Mr. Fab race

Looking forward to reading your comments!