My Life

Practically Perfect

June 18, 2011

I know by now some of you might be thinking, “This guy is nearly perfect, is there anything he can’t do?”

I’m here to dispel the rumors; I am not perfect.

There are times where I will try something only to see someone do it better, this is the major case with a friend of mine, Ashley K.

When I was a little boy growing up I dreamt of the day when my silky blonde hair and beautiful long eyelashes would grow in, I would be invited to all the hottest parties and have the prettiest wardrobe. Unfortunately my Fairy Godmother was drunk and passed out that night; Ashley’s didn’t, and now she has everything I’ve ever dreamt of: the looks, the personality, and the killer talent to replicate Lady Gaga!

I have made several Gaga videos, looking a hot mess in most of them, but Ashley has done it to perfection. I beg you to find a fan who has done it better. She really topped herself when she did the ‘Born This Way’ video look and involed make up artist Scott Ramp.

Here is Gaga:

And here is Ashley:

Lets try this all over but insert me…

Here is Gaga:

And sadly, here is Mr. Fabulous:

Now clearly I could amp things up if I took time to learn the words or had more than just construction paper to work with, but would that really help? Really?

Although I tried, I just think Ashley is the ‘cats meow’. Trust me, if I were a size 2 I would break into her house like a stealthy drag queen and steal all her clothes.

So to a friend who does it more Fabulous then Mr. Fab himself: keep your paws up, I am coming for you! You are so HAUTE!

Mr. Fab