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Anju Will Like It!

By On August 13, 2014

  Today, a new/old friend will be joining the delicious ranks of the restaurant scene in Calgary. The re-opening of ANJU… in a new space and location! Anju formerly graced Calgary in an… Read More

My Life

A Community Picnic in Currie Barracks

By On July 14, 2014

I’ve always dreamt of small town living; quaint shops, bistros, coffee & wine bars, a place where everyone knows your name. And then, on a warm afternoon in July, the residents would all… Read More


The Stolen Cookies

By On March 18, 2014

Dear Nabisco: Here in Canada we have a concern, so on behalf of my county I’ve decided to address the ‘situation’. Why won’t you bring Canada all your delicious cookies? Fact: It’s pretty… Read More


Tasty Tuesday (M&Ms Sweet & Salty)

By On November 6, 2012

Just when you thought M&Ms couldn’t get any more delicious, along comes a new product. M&Ms Salty & Sweet mix. Take the goodness of the already deliciously coated nut, toss in crunchy… Read More


A Delicious NEW Venture

By On September 27, 2012

Tuesday night, thanks to the gracious invite of SAIT’s new Culinary Campus, I broke my diet and feasted on some of the most delicious food prepared by the campus instructors, students, and… Read More