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Model Mondays

Model Monday, I’m a Architect!

By On April 2, 2012

Another day and another exciting way to make a dollar, a stock shoot for a new company called ‘Hero Images’ Today I would be paying the roll of an architect! Thank goodness for… Read More

Model Mondays

Model Monday (big business)

By On September 26, 2011

Another day another dollar in the fabulous life of a male stock model. 33% of all photo shoots I am requested for are to do with corporate business and since I have never had a… Read More

Model Mondays

Model Monday (water pistol)

By On August 29, 2011

Last week I showed you what it would look like to be blasted by a high-powered leaf blower . The feeling of your eyelids flipping back and your mouth so dry you have to… Read More