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By August 15, 2017 Beauty, Hair, Mlle Fab

SUMMER. I don’t want it to end.

Besides the heat, I love the fact that I can let my hair simply do it’s thing. Or rather, I give up the fight, which feels like trying to convince a toddler that it’s bed time after a bowl of ice cream.

Alterna has 3 products which have my naturally wavy hair delighted!

Caviar CC Cream (2.5 Fl Oz/$31)

To start off with a good base, I feed my strands with the Caviar CC Cream 10-in-1 Complete Correction Leave-In Hair Perfector.

Towel dry. Apply dime-sized amount evenly throughout. I like to air dry to lessen heat damage. My girlfriends have raved about the Caviar line and now I know why: my hair is SILK. Now, I have to try the entire line!

Bamboo Beach Breeze Dry Balm (3.4 Fl Oz/$29)

Next, I scrunch and twist in the Breeze Dry Balm Air Dry Styler. About a quarter-sized amount. Again, no fuss as it’s air dry. Naturally, my hair has a lot of texture, all be it confused texture from ringlets to barely there waves, so if you’re similar, you will enjoy this balm. Bonus: it smells divine. Like a cocktail on a Maui beach!

Bamboo Beach Ocean Waves (4 Fl Oz/$29)

End of the day in the sun, but my locks need some love? Ocean Waves Tousled Texture Spray. A wonderful refresher for my textured mop. Spray in from roots to ends. Scrunch, Twist, Shake. There is no way to use this product incorrectly. Bonjour, beach babe!

For my introduction to Alterna, I am highly impressed. Caviar is awesome for any hair type. Free of Parabens and Synthetic Colour, the other two from Bamboo Beach are fantastic for anyone with textured hair. And, for the curly haired peeps, you are going to go bananas for all these hair products.
Alterna. You make beautiful beach hair, indeed!

Mlle Fab Waves


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The Eats of Summer Feast

By August 14, 2017 Eat

My Mom is the most frugal woman I know, and when it comes to finding a good value, she taught me well.

Right now, at 12 of Calgary’s most buzz-worthy restaurants, Summer Feast Menus are hitting the tables and smart diners (like myself) can getting some pretty sweet deals on 3 course meals.

And since I can’t pass up on a ‘sweet deal’, I decided to hit up two restaurants on the same day…

Here are my findings and what I chose to eat

Lunch at Bridgette Bar (3 course $25)

Appetizer: (2 choices)

Little Gem Salad, Blue Cheese, Bacon Gremolata

Little Salad and a lot of Bacon and Blue Cheese… Just the way I like it.
This salad is all money!

Main: (2 choices)

Sweet Corn and Shrimp Fusilli Pasta

Small but delicious… I could have eaten 2 of them.

Dessert: (1 choice)

Brown Butter and Olive Oil Ice Cream Sandwiches

These ice cream sandwiches are a part of Bridgette Bar’s regular dessert menu and if they are ever removed I’ll flip a table!!!

They are ridiculously good and worth every sinful calorie!

Then it was home for a nap to rest up befor my next feeding.

Dinner at The Guild (3 course $35)

Appetizer: (3 choices)

Sausage Roll.
Housemade sausage, pie dough, smoked sea salt, cherry HP sauce

I’ve always thought the best sausage roll was sold at Heritage Park… Until now!

Main: (4 choices)

Berreta Farms Steak Frites.
7oz tri-tip steak, house cut chips, summer greens with a side of bearnaise sauce.

A Generous portion that’ll fill you up. And who doesn’t love dipping fries into Bernese sauce!

Dessert: (2 choices)

Carrot Cake.
Cream cheese icing, walnut crumble served with a side of vanilla icing.

Just the right amount of cake so you’re not waddling out.
Nicely spiced and perfectly moist.

It’s always great to try new restaurants and with the fixed menus of Summer Feast, making the choice isn’t too overwhelming

Now I just have 10 more restaurants to visit before Summer Feast ends on August 20th!

Mr. Fab feast

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Taste of Calgary’s Tastiest!!

By August 10, 2017 Food

Foodies grab your forks and loosen your belts!

This is not a drill… This is TASTE OF CALGARY!

A weird and wonderful food festival that sees 40 food vendors serve up unique creations that cover nearly every flavour and culture of food!

Then, to wash it all down, 18 beverage vendors come to your rescue with creative cocktails and bespoke offerings.

There are so many things to eat and sip you’ll need to put in multiple shifts just to cover half of it!

If you follow my Instagram stories you’d have seen I ate and drank so much mid afternoon that I had to go home for a nap… But then came back strong that night.

The map of deliciousness is large, so to help guide you begin: this is a list of my top picks for you to start with!

Best Value:

Naina’s Kitchen – Dill Pickle Poutine (3 tickets)

Love Dill Pickles!?

Naina’s Dill Pickle Gravy will have you doing tangy cartwheels through the crowd!

Made Hot & Fresh:

Pure Contemporary Vietnamese Kitchen and Bar – Charsiu Pork Sesame Doughnut with Pickled Veg and Sriracha Sauce (5 tickets)

Soft and airy sesame seed ‘doughnut bun’ stuffed with salty, saucy, meaty goodness!

Full Meal Deal:

Holy Smoke BBQ – Brisket Slider with Mini Cornbread (5 tickets)

A tender brisket slider with 6 side sauce choices served with quite possibly the best mini cornbread I’ve ever eaten!

Insert hand clap emoji x 10!

Worth Breaking Your Diet For:

Canadian Brewhouse – Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños (4 tickets)

Large Cream Cheese stuffed Jalapeños wrapped in an entire piece of perfectly cooked Bacon.

I would have handed over double the amount of tickets for these!

Sweet Treats:

Yummy Churros – Chocolate, Coconut and Rainbow Churro Trio (5 tickets)

These churros are not only loaded on the outside, they’re filled on the inside!

With each bite a different liquid explosion of Caramel, Chocolate or Strawberry sauce.

PZA – Ciambelle Italian Style Doughnuts with Nutella (4 tickets)

Crispy yet fresh soft fried doughnuts topped with powdered sugar, served up with a side of Nutella….

And yes I used my finger to scoop out every last bit of that chocolate hazelnut goodness!

Now to wash it all down…

The New Kid on the Block:

Annex Soda Mfg – Root Beer

Made right here in Calgary, Alberta, Annex has only been in the marketplace for a few months.

Producing the only craft Root Beer in the province, this is a unique taste you need to taste!

And lastly… There’s the ‘BEER Gardens’ where vendors are serving up beer, margaritas and everything in-between, including:

Caramel Whisky spiked Cherry Colas & Ginger Lime Whisky Slushes!

Stiff, cold and refreshing, these are the perfect way to help beat the heat!

Taste of Calgary will continue through August 13th, 2017 and is open from 11am-9pm.

So grab a tasting partner and some Tupperware, this is an event you don’t want to miss!

Eat up!

Mr. Fab foodie

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