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By July 12, 2017 Calgary Stampede, Drink, Eat

Day 6 of the Calgary Stampede and I have made approximately zero healthy choices.

Corndogs, Mini Doughnuts, Jack & Coke… Lots of deep fry. Tons of sugar!

But this morning I started things off RIGHT at the Amber Approved Annual Stampede Breakfast at Hotel Arts!

The premise: Gluten, Refined Sugar and Dairy Free… But most importantly; Delicious!

Here’s some of the delicious offerings you all just missed out on!

Wilted Spinach Eggs Benedict

Ditch the English Muffin, this incredible Benedict was served on crispy Potato Latkes,

Breakfast Poutine

A mouth-watering concoction with Spiced Hash Browns, Braised Alberta Beef Short Rib, Scramble Eggs and Avocado Cream

Maple Glazed Pork Belly

MAPLE BAKED PORK BELLY!! with a Compressed Apple Skewer

Blueberry Lemon Zest Pancakes

Gluten Free and Dairy Free… Tastes better than the traditional pancakes Mom use to make (sorry mom).

Green Goddess & Perfectly Pink Smoothies

Kale/Spinach/Pineapple or Strawberry/Beet/Pomegranate… I obviously had both!

And lastly…. I literally screamed over the;

Belgian Chocolate Coconut Doughnuts

Literally…. And if you think I don’t have a dozen squished into my pockets right now, you’d be wrong.

This was the BEST way to start my Day 6!

Sad you missed this breakfast?

Hit up the Amber Approved website for some great recipes and to keep tabs where you can find her next breakfast!

Thanks for the healthy, smart and yuuuuummmmmmy eats this morning!!

Mr. Fab approved

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My FAB Stampede Style

By July 10, 2017 Calgary Stampede, Shop

When it comes to dressing for the Calgary Stampede you can never be too sure what to wear as our weather can be wilder than most of the rides on the fair grounds!

That said, one thing is for certain, the Canadian Tuxedo of Denim on Denim finished off with a pair of Cowboy boots, a Smithbuilt hat and a great buckle is the perfect place to start.

Now if you follow me on any of my social platforms, you know that most jeans and me are outlawed enemies. At 6’3 with muscular thighs and calves, most bottoms are an impossible fit… Except for one!

Mark’s Denver Hayes Athletic Fit ($69.99)

They’re the ONLY jeans I own!

They’re perfect for this beefcake as they have extra room in the seat and thigh all while keeping me on trend with a slightly tapered leg. 

And they’re especially awesome for those extra hot tarmac days watching the rodeo, because these performance jeans have been constructed with Coolmax technology which provide me with lightweight breathability… Or in layman terms: Undercarriage air-conditioning.

But what do I do when the nights get cold or the rain storms in during the Stampede?

Mark’s just launched the Levi’s Commuter Denim Jacket ($178) and it’s my new everything!

4 way stretch, water repellent, durable denim and accessible rain hood hidden into the collar, this jacket’s all I’ll ever need during the 10 days of festivities!

For years Mark’s has been my go to for my Stampede wardrobe – and my always for all my denim – and as a Canadian company I am only too proud to shop with them.

Thanks for always fitting your fans Mark’s!

I’ll be Stampede-ing in style and perfectly prepared thanks to you!

Mr. Fab in Mark’s


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Saddle Up with Heinz!

By July 7, 2017 Calgary Stampede, Food

A few weeks ago I received a surprise in the mail that sent my Instagram Story viewers (where I shared the package) into a total frenzy!

A personalized bottle of Heinz Ketchup.

Immediately after, the questions of where people could get their personalized bottle poured in. What I knew was that Heinz was hitting the road on a Mobile Tour, but what I didn’t know was where they’d be or when they’d be there…

But now I have some exciting news;
They’ve arrived at the Calgary Stampede!

The mobile tour booth opens today from 11am-10pm and will be onsite for 5 additional days during the 10 day festival.
And here you’ll be able to get your very own personalized bottle of the quintessential Canadian backyard BBQ’s best friend, Heinz ketchup!

The process is quick and simple.
After posing solo or involve your friends, the Mobile Tour team will snap a picture, prep and present you with your own customize bottle of the iconic Ketchup.

A perfectly awesome personalized bottle to flaunt this summer!

Summer is Better with Heinz and your next BBQ will be the BEST!

Make sure you don’t miss this incredible one-of-a-kind opportunity to have your face on the iconic Heinz glass bottle!

Here’s where & when you can find the Mobile Tour booth:

Friday July 7th to Sunday July 9th (which they’ll be opening the booth at 9am that day) you can visit the Mobile Tour booth which will be located at the BBQ on the Elbow site.

Friday July 14th to Sunday July 16th (11:00am-10:00pm) you can visit the Mobile Tour booth located at Community Park South along the Elbow River in Stampede Park.

… And if you can’t make thos, (Top Secret) they’ll be at Peters Drive-In on the 11th & 12th!)

Happy Stampede, Happy Summer, Happy Heinz

Mr. Fab

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