St. Tropez with Sophie Evans

By June 20, 2017 Beauty, Body, Face

If I don’t put on make-up, usually someone will always ask, “are you sick?”. Or point blank say, “you look tired”. Unfortunately, I am neither of these things. It’s simply my olive skin-tone going sallow in winter.

And, as I hate wrinkles, I am mindful of sun exposure. Welcome to my pasty pain.

BUT, with St. Tropez all of that pasty disappears!

St. Tropez is the go-to self-tanner on the market. It’s won numerous awards that if I actually mentioned them all, you would fall asleep reading before getting to the juicy stuff. Pssst: Google Allure & St. Tropez, just to get a taste.

I was lucky enough to meet the Official St. Tropez Ambassador, Sophie Evans, while she was in Montréal.
She walked us through the entire self-tan collection, including the new launch of the Self Tan Express line.

Self Tan Express Bronzing Face Sheet Mask ($10/18.4g)
Never seen before on the market, is the Bronzing Face Sheet Mask. A revolutionary tanning infused facial sheet mask. Nourishes the skin while resulting in a radiant, dewy glow.

Incredibly easy to use:
1.Cleanse and pat face dry.
2.Apply mask away from hairline.
3.Leave on 5min for light, 10min for medium or 15min for a dark tan.
4.Remove mask and lightly massage serum around eyes as well as into hairline.
5.Wash hands.
6.Be beautifully radiant!

Brand spanking new! Just hit the market this month at Shopper’s Drug Mart. And, a gros bec to Toni-Marie from The Lifestyle Report for the pic!

Self Tan Express Bronzing Mist ($49.50/200ml)

I wish this Bronzing Mist had existed when I was living solo. It has a nozzle with a special wide distribution spray, which allows the ENTIRE BACK TO BE COVERED. I know! Unless a yogi, that little spot in the back was always trouble-some before now.

Again, there is the option of light to medium to a dark tan. Simply wait 1 hour before washing off the tinted guide colour before dressing, if you want a light tan. 2 hours for medium and 3 hours for a dark tan.

Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse ($54/200ml)

The Bronzing Mousse is the most advanced no-fuss fast acting tan. That’s my jam.

Spray the mousse on the re-usable applicator mitt and smooth on wherever you desire for a streak-free bronze goddess finish. Just a peck of rays? Leave on 1 hour before showering. Want a full on make-out session with the sun? Leave on 3 hours before showering. The level of your tan is up to you!

I love that there is the choice of starting light, but having the option to go darker with all 3 products in the Self Tan Express line, if I want. And, the best part, I will not end up with the Donald Trump orange hue. Hallelujah!

Wanting a gorgeous glow from the sun without the fear of wrinkles or other health concerns? Head to Shoppers Drug Mart for the St. Tropez Self Tan Express line this summer. You’ll have a beautiful kiss of sun in mere minutes!

Mlle Fab Bronze Goddess


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Summer Sparkles: Joiy and Roscato Wines for Summer

By June 19, 2017 Drink, M. Fab

Summer is a time for celebration. A time to kick back on patios and sip all the good things in life.

I personally love sipping on a sparkling wine and I have two of the best, new and unique sparkling wines tell you about.

Joiy Wines $3.85

Joiy is a sparkling Riesling from New Zealand that burst onto the scene last summer, coming in the most beautiful four-pack of chic little bottles. This year, this sparkling beauty comes in sweet little cans – perfect for picnic season. ‘What? Wine in a can?!’, you say.

Yes. Embrace it. So portable, so convenient.

I simply love this wine. I love the taste, the aroma, the pairability, the beautiful packaging and the fact the winemaker, Chris Archer, specifically made this wine for the sophisticated woman in mind.

A nice trick is to add a small slice of lemon or lime to the wine to enhance the refreshment factor.

Roscato Rosso $14.95

Roscato Rosso Dolce is a lightly sweet, gently effervescent red wine from Lombardy, Italy’s Northern wine-growing region. When I was introduced to this wine at a tasting event, I had already made up my mind this wasn’t for me, but I was so wrong. I think it is the perfect summer red as it is not heavy, it pairs with patio favourites (like pizza) and you’ll be a hit if you bring it over for summer parties.

Served chilled, this hand-picked sparkling red is not to miss.

Let me know if you were able to scoop up and try these wines…telling me your favourite, below or by following my as @immfab on Instagram and Twitter.

M FaboscatoRosso

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The Perfect Summer Watch 

By June 16, 2017 Jewelry

I have day watches and night watches, winter watches and summer watches; but when it comes to a large watch collection, that’s not me.

All I need is a few great faces with a collection of strap options to get me through a variety of occasions, and seasons.

That watch is my Daniel Wellington 40mm Classic Silver with a Glasgow strap.

It’s a fresh look to wear during the day and has a simply sophisticated face that, with the change of a strap in the evening, has me looking like a #boss!

What I love most about the Daniel Wellington collection is how thin the faces are and how light they sit on my wrist.

They are an easy and comfortable watch to wear.

And when it comes to Summer, the nylon bands that cleaverly cover the back of the metal case, allow my wrist to breath.

And if I get them dirty, they’re super easy to scrub up.

So whether you’re a sporty guy, classic guy, fancy guy or a guy that just wants a great watch – you need to check out Daniel Wellington! It really is just the perfect watch.

The collection can be found at Hudson’s Bay, Spareparts, Simons and many Independent jewelry stores across the country.

Time to Summer up your wrist!

Mr. Fab watch

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