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La Grande Tournée du Chocolat Chaud Sneak Peek

By on January 20, 2017

What’s better than warm chocolate? Um. Nothing! Valrhona along with La Tablée des Chefs will please your tastebuds with La Grande Tournée du Chocolat Chaud. 9 days of the chocolate mainstay with a twist. 15 different creations all made with delicious Valrhona chocolate can be sampled all across Montréal as well as 7 delicious versions […]

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Happening Gourmand 10th Anniversary

By on January 11, 2017

The decadence of the holidays is far from over in Vieux Port/Old Montréal. Savoury & Scrumptious is on the menu with Happening Gourmand! Happening Gourmand is a food & cocktail festival taking place in Vieux Port from Jan 5th – Feb 5th. Featuring 9 different restaurants, this is the 10th anniversary for this festival to occur! […]

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