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Frozen, Muddled & with Marshmallows: 3 Creative Simply Orange Mimosas

By on May 19, 2015

A Simple Mimosas has 2 ingredients: Orange Juice and Champagne. But when my favourite brand, Simply Orange, decided to ‘kick up’ their Orange Juice a notch by adding Coconut Water, I decided it was time follow suit and razzle dazzle up my mimosa offerings too! And since I’m always up for a challenge, I’m going glass-to-glass with M.Fab in […]

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M Fab’s Simply Mimosa Eastern Challenge

By on May 18, 2015

Mimosas are my jam.  Normally associated with brunch, mimosas are a perfect combo of booze and juice.  So, basically a health drink. I like to think of them as a juice cleanse.    So when Simply Orange asked us to take there new 80 calories per serving Simply Orange with Coconut Water (which is 25% less calories then the […]

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