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Summer Sparkles: Joiy and Roscato Wines for Summer

By On June 19, 2017

Summer is a time for celebration. A time to kick back on patios and sip all the good things in life. I personally love sipping on a sparkling wine and I have… Read More


We Come CLEAN on Our Favourite Summer Scents

By On June 6, 2017

Living in Ontario and Quebec, we know humidity. A humid summer can lead to many “interesting” smells…scent seems amplified when humidity is added into the equation. Realizing we don’t want to offend… Read More


KORRES Greek Yoghurt: The Nourishing Solution Collection

By On June 1, 2017

Founded out of Athen’s oldest homeopathic pharmacy in 1996, the KORRES brand is equal parts science and nature due to it’s Chemical Engineer and Pharmacist founders Lena and George Korres. I have… Read More