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Stoneleigh, Celebrity Chefs and FAB Fangirls! 

By On May 10, 2017

I’m a ‘foodie’, ‘drinkie’ and ‘dessertie’. So last night I literally had to pinch myself as I found myself sitting across from famed Chef Mark McEwan while I sipped and shovelled food… Read More


A Sky High Ride & Dinner Giveaway for Two

By On April 1, 2017

I’m always up for a quick getaway, especially if it takes me to the mountains where I can disconnect my cell and get some peaceful serenity. A few weeks ago I got… Read More


Catelli + Celery = Moms Love

By On March 27, 2017

Everyone always has that one recipe that they’ve mastered that reminds them of delicious home cooking from thier childhood. For me it’s my Mom’s homemade pasta sauce. Being a single Mom who worked… Read More