Go BN3TH with BraTopia this Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2018

Chocolates, roses or something special from the lingerie store, these are gifts TV culture has taught us are the perfect Valentine’s Day deliverables for women.

But what about the guy’s gifts?

Kit Kat’s, a succulent and a new pair of underwear sound pretty perfect to me!

And I’ve got the perfect suggestion!

Recently, my friends from BraTopia called and told me that my favourite brand of underwear (My Pakage) were about to get a facelift. Not only would new styles be hitting the shelves, the underwear would be getting a new name; BN3TH!

side note

…and then I freaked!

Fearing that the underwear I’d been wearing for the last 6 years with some of the most innovative technology would be done away with.

But the panic was short lived and I was immediately relieved when BraTopia told me all the My Pakage technology would remain the same!

So I went through the underwear’s comfort check list to make sure my two must have features were still there:

3 Demential Pouch with Keyhole Technology

The opening in the sack where you toss your junk through so it comfortably sits front and center as not to be crushed by your own beefy thighs… That was still there… Check!

Modal Fabric

No chaffing here with the softest most luxurious fabric you’ll ever feel! It’s 50% more absorbent than cotton, so it’ll keep you dry like the Sahara even when it’s hotter and more humid than a NYC summer subway station… Check!

So even though the name had changed, I was ecstatic to see my fave features had not!

With all the aspects of what makes these the most comfortable underwear in the world, I am ready to welcome BN3TH with open arms and an open underwear drawer into my home!

So if you’re a lady buying for your man OR a man buying for your man OR just a single guy who’s happy on his own, make this Valentine’s Day a little more “Frit-Froo” with some of the best underwear on the market from BN3TH at BraTopia!

Your partner and his junk are going to love it… And YOU!

And right now they have an amazing Valentine’s Day contest going on where you can win the perfect date day/night! Enter that HERE.

Happy Comfortable Valentine’s Day!

Mr. Fab n3th

Looking forward to reading your comments!