Happy National Hot Sauce Day

January 22, 2018

Three years ago, on a trip to London, England, I was introduced to the world of PERi-PERi when a friend took me to Nando’s for a post-theatre bite.

I had never heard of Nando’s (first clue I was a tourist) and I certainly had never heard of PERi-PERi.

But now I have and my world’s become a more delicious place!

Using a South African Birds Eye Chili, Nando’s has created a line of the sauce that’s perfect for all palates in a rage of flavours and spiciness, from Extra Mild to XX Hot!

There’s a Lemon & Herb, a Garlic and the 3 Classics in a variety of heat.

Not only does the collection taste amazing on Chicken, I use it at home to amp up practically everything.

Scrambled Eggs, Steak, Vegetables and I’ve even mix it in Mayonnaise for a sandwich spread!

So in honour of National Hot Sauce Day (which happens to be today) I’ll be giving away the full collection of Nando’s PERi-PERi sauces to one of my local Calgary Readers.

All you need to do is ‘Heart’ my PERi-PERi tweet on Twitter! (@immrfabulous)

Winner will be randomly selected and notified later tonight!

Good luck!

Mr. Fab XX Hot

Looking forward to reading your comments!