Undercover; Another HIT by Rebecca Northan

January 18, 2018

I have been a huge fan of the playwright Rebecca Northan and her past works.

Blind Date, Kung Fu Panties and Legend Has It are the top of my list of favourites.

All have been creative story lines which played out by talent casts, with each performance offering a plot twist thanks to an unknowing audience member who is invited from their seats to at the start of the show to inevitably become the star of the show.

Rebecca’s shows are quick witted and always unique.

Now, with the addition of her (and Bruce Horak’s) newly opened production UNDERCOVER, which opens tonight at Vertigo Theatre, I have another top favourite to add to my list!

Undercover is a ‘who done it’ murder mystery that has a complex story line and plays out like a game of Clue.

Questions are asked and answers are given but it’s up to the investigative prowes of the newest police force recruit (a selected audience member) to surmise and solve; All of course with the help of Officer Reberta Collins aka Rebecca Northan by her side!

The show has coined the term ‘spontaneous theatre creation’, because no matter what happens with the ‘new hire’… even if they end up freezing 3 minutes into the performance, the cast is there to guide the storyline and pull it off the comedy with sheer perfection!

In addition to the incredibly quick witted cast, the set – which transforms quicker and cooler then Megatron ever did – has you easily believing you’re wandering the mansion the story takes place in… And the sounds and lighting are also on point!

Undercover is a show unlike anything you’ve seen before, and with its audience variable it will be a completely unique show each performance.

But one thing will always be the same: the laughs you have that are created by the talent cast!

Congratulations to the cast and crew of this amazing new production!

Mr.Fab undercover

Show runs now until February 11th at Vertigo Theatre with tickets as low as $29

Looking forward to reading your comments!