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Local Holiday Treats & Sweets

December 18, 2017

There are a million reasons why I love the holiday season and besides family and endless turkey, the limited edition, holiday treats & sweets that local companies release my top reasons.

And this year the list of seasonally exciting eatables is larger then ever! I’ve even created a recipe of my own for you home cooks to follow

This morning I was up early sharing my local favourites of 2017 LIVE!

Click HERE to watch the video to see what you missed.

These were the delicious LOCAL treats and sweets I was sharing:

Pie Junkie

Prosecco and Pies

I had never like pies until I tasted Pie Junkies pie.

Thick buttery crusts and creative fillings like Butter Chicken have turned me into a Pie Junkie…. but only for theirs!

Sweet Relief Bakery

Holiday Cookies & Cakes

This may be a bold statement, but “Sweet Relief’s cakes are my favourite store front bakery cakes in the city!”

They are dense, just the way I like my cakes, rich in flavour and creativity unique.

December wouldn’t be December without a Yule Log so order their Turtle inspired ones! Luscious chocolate cake is layered with rich caramel, toasted pecans, and fluffy chocolate mousse! Topped off with a vanilla buttercream, dark chocolate ganache “bark”, and finished with meringue mushrooms!

Cookie Dough YYC

Eatable Raw Cookie Dough

Unlike your Mom’s holiday dough you can eat this one raw without getting sick thanks to their use of pasteurized eggs and heat treated flour.

And this season there are a ton of concoctions to indulge in like Chocolate Chip Candy Cane, Holiday Mini Eggs, Turtles & Winter Unicorn Cookie Dough!

It’s never been so okay not to follow mom’s warnings!

Big Rock

Barrel Aged Beers

These 3 varieties of Barrel Aged beers are perfectly unique gift for any beer lover on your list!

Scotch Barrel, Rye Barrel and an Old Flemish Red, these are some seriously strong beers!

The Sugar Cube

Holiday Cotton Candy

My childhood favourite sweet treat is back but with sophisticated holiday flavours!

Peppermint, Spearmint, Winterfresh, Gingerbread, Cinnamon Bun, Buttered Rum and Irish Cream!

Perfect accommodations for the entire family to enjoy!

Urban Butcher

Customizable Charcuterie Boards

Sure charcuterie boards are not an original holiday concept but they are when they create them on your own board!

Drop off your favourite wooden board 24 hours in advance and the chefs will prepare a perfect board to appease your guests and their holiday dietary restrictions complete with CRMR house-made preserves!

The best part, you can tell everyone you did prepared it yourself and you have it on your board to prove it!

And lastly, my Sea Salted Carmel & Holiday Honey Cruncy Bars made with 2 locally created products; Drizzle Honey and Spokes.

Easy and fun to make, this recipe celebrates our cities inventive entrepreneurs!

You can find the recipe HERE.

Now go, enjoy the holiday with family, friends and some amazing holiday eats!

Mr. Fab in my tummy

Looking forward to reading your comments!