My Holiday Ride is a Checker Cab

December 16, 2017

Thus far my December has been filled with a lot of holiday cheer… And with early morning segments, when it’s time to leave a party I know my safe ride is just a click away with the Checker Cabs Calgary app (An app you NEED to have!).

Responsible drivers, regulated and consistent pricing (no matter what time of day), and the fact that it’s a local family owned business which has been around for 40 years has made me a Checker Cab loyalist this winter!

And even when I end up closing down the party and shuffle outside, this season Checker’s Pop-up Holiday Warming Tents have been there to keep me cozy while I wait!

Like an outdoor ‘after party’ their Holiday Warming Tent is fully stocked.

There are #CheckerCheer team members inside to take group selfies with and they’ve also got a wide variety of delicious surprises!

From complimentary water and sport drinks to keep you hydrated to hot chocolate to keep you warm.

They’re also handing out $5 off vouchers AND the when I paid them a visit last night they even had free pizza!

And that’s was just the start of my ‘time to head home’ experience!

Then there was my ride!

Their vehicles are clean, orderly and safety regulated. With Checker Cabs I don’t need to wonder if I’m going to have a safe ride home: I know I will!

And because the drivers have been on these roads for years, they know the best way to get me and my posse to the closest McDonald’s drive thru in a hurry!

Because nothing tastes better than two cheese burgers with extra pickles, at 2am! (Well except maybe for all that pizza I scarfed down!)

So if you’re looking for a safe ride or looking for me this holiday season check out the Checker Cab Pop-Up Warming Tent next weekend, December 22, at 1527 5th St SW across from National on 17th and on December 29th at 301 10th Ave., next to Briggs and Japanese Village!

Also keep your eye out for their decorated Santa Cabs driving around town because they’re handing out presents!

Have a safe and happy December! I know I will!

Mr. Fab cab

Looking forward to reading your comments!