SAXX in Print!

December 15, 2017

It’s the season of gifting… and reviving holiday Pajama’s!

But I run hot – and for me, the thought of fleecy legs and a collar chocking me in my sleep is not my idea of bedtime happiness.

So instead I’m left out of the fun seasonal printed PJ’s and have been settling for the boring solid coloured boxers.

…Until this year!

Finally we have print! And fun ones thanks to a store us guys wouldn’t even think carried underwear for him; BraTopia!

For years I’ve been a SAXX loyalist and I have 40+ solid coloured pairs to prove it.

The built in ‘side bumber technology’, as I call it, keep your balls from creeping into the gutter. And when I’m swinging around in a fitness class they save me from getting escorted out.

And that’s just the beginning of their comfort story, there’s also the slick materials they’re made from!

The material of the BlackSheep model is not only moisture-wicking but it’s temperature regulating and anti-microbial too!

So when my undercarriage is over heating, SAXX BlackSheep cools er’ down.

And for when those holiday pounds start packing on, I turn to SAXX Ultra.

Super soft, slightly looser and still moisture-wicking.

And can we just talk about this Camo Print BraTopia just brought in!!

That turkey didn’t even see me coming!

Lastly in my SAXX must-have collection is my modest VIBE with a 9” long leg.

Their slim fit for smooth layering under my yoga shorts and long leg keeps them from rolling up. Perfect for keeping me supported and covered when I move into my Three-Legged Downward Facing Dog Pose.

And this season cool California print has had me remembering all the fun I had visiting there this summer!

With a world filled with blah underwear, SAXX has really changed the game when it comes to comfort and thanks to my friends at BraTopia, they’ve changed my game when it comes to print!

So this season, don’t forget to gift your boys something nice for Christmas because roasting chestnuts isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

Mr. Fab Saxx prints

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