Happiness Calls at Mount Engadine Lodge

December 7, 2017

A friend of mine recently scolded her friends on Facebook by posting “Be Present! Put away your phones”… A task that, for me – and I’m sure many of her other friends – is hard to do.

As long as there’s cell service… You’ll see me Tweeting, Instagramming, blogging, texting, emailing etc…

With social and web being my business it’s seemingly impossible for me to disconnect.

So it was time for some cell phone rehab and a bit of holiday solace with a night at my favourite secret place, Mount Engadine!

Not so secret, I guess, as I’ve talked about it before, Mount Engadine is the perfect place to relax and really take time for you.

No cell service, limited wifi and big comfy couches with chairs set in front of roaring fire places that have an endless supply of wood.

Rooms are without TV’s, but the views of the mountainous surroundings are more than enough to keep you occupied.

Staying at Mount Engadine is like a scene plucked out of a Hallmark Christmas movie!

And when you gather around the table to dine with the rest of the overnight guests, your head literally spins looking for the camera crews.

At Mount Engadine, your stay includes everything you need… And the live-in staff take care of all your needs.

After arriving and checking out your room which can be a private entrance cabin or a room in the main lodge, you’re invited to enjoy tea by the fire.

And it’s not just a beverage.

A selection of local meats, refined cheeses and in-house baked goodies, you’ll be left wondering if you’ll have room for dinner… Which is also included as part of your stay!

Amazing chefs and a caring, attentive staff have you feeling like a VIP the entire time.

There’s a reason it was named one of Canada’s “Top Ten Hidden Gems” by TripAdvisor.

But that’s just the inside!

Located in Spray Lake Provincial Park, the serene nature surroundings are the perfect place to get out and explore.

From Snowshoeing to Cross Country skiing in the winter, the staff at Mount Engadine know the best paths and are great at customizing your perfect day trip… For which they’ll even pack you a lunch!

There honestly isn’t a better place to truly have ‘me time’ or ‘couple time’.

So next time you have a friend call you out on your distracted life, take a look into a stay at Mount Engadine!

You can thank me when you get back in cell range!

Mr. Fab

If your thinking of booking a stay, use the access code MRFAB and you’ll receive 15% off Your overnight stay between now and May 31, 2018. Excludes stays from December 21 to January 1, 2018 and long weekends.

Looking forward to reading your comments!