Brunching in The Rec Room

November 29, 2017

Brunch is ultimately my favourite time of day and favourite meal!

Sweet, salty, with or without friends, brunch never disappoints!

So this past weekend, when my friends at The Rec Room invited me to brunch like I’ve never brunched before, I arrived early (something I never do) in excited anticipation!

New to the ‘scene’ (a Cineplex venture), the Rec Room is a gigantic multi-adventure space with lounges, restaurants, stages, high tech arcade style games and even a doughnut & poutine bar!

So as I twirled around the space waiting to be seated, I knew I was in for a brunch like no brunch I had brunched before!!

The Food:

With so much to choose from, we decided to do what any good Canadian would do and started with a Pickled Caesar ($12) while we studied the menu.

Vodka, clamato, steak spice, summer sausage and a pickled saddled egg.

This was hands down the best Caesar I’ve ever had!

With that as our kick start, we placed an order for a couple starters.

A basket of Smash Fried Potatoes with hot buffalo sauce ($6).

And a basket of Buttermilk Biscuits with fresh strawberry jam and vanilla-honey butter ($5).

These were the most light and fluffy biscuits I have ever been served and the vanilla-honey butter was something to write home about!

Then we moved on to the entrees!

I ordered the Game Ready Skillet Breakfast ($16),

Smoked beef brisket, sautéed onions, Saint Albert cheese curds, smash fried potatoes, beer cheese sauce topped off with two soft poached eggs.

And it was just as satisfyingly cheesy as the description reads!

While the rest of the table tripled up with Eggs in Purgatory ($15).

Two skillet poached eggs, spicy tomato sauce, herbed focaccia, fresh basil and parmigiano reggiano.

With not a bite left behind for me to try, I can only assume they were satisfied!

So with full tummies, it was time to explore the ‘Rec’ of The Rec Room!

We were ready to sweat off the biscuits and thankfully there were tons of interactive and athletic games to do it with!

From a competitive rock climbing wall video game that can only be understood to see it, to the classic 2000’s popular Dance Dance Revolution.

Only 10 minutes had passed and my friends and I were sweating vanilla-honey butter!

Then there were the skill and chance games; where redeemable prizing tickets were to be won!

With my eyes set on a plush Krusty the Clown, I was swipping my preloaded Rec Room bracelet and the tickets were loading in!

And my $20 bracelet went far!

2 hours of fun later and thirsty for another Caesar, I gathered my friends, begged for their ticket winnings and the Krusty was mine!

Brunch at the Rec Room was a completely unexpected and unique experience.

Delicious eats, stellar drinks and the banana level on the world’s largest Pac-Man screen had me grinning from ear to ear!

So this weekend, think about elevating your brunch and head to The Rec Room!

And when you see me there, I challenge you to a head-to-head Mario Kart Race!

I’m Princess…. obviously!

Mr. Fab room

  1. OMG how crazy is that! Wish they had this in the city of Regina Sask. They would make a killing! Looks like a lot of fun and the food looks so delicious! The menu dissent even look pricy at all!

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