The Gift of The Guild

November 15, 2017

I love a good meal… Especially when someone else is cooking it!

Now don’t get me wrong, I know what I’m doing when I’m in the kitchen, I just don’t have the 11 herbs & spices it takes to make anything gourmet so I leave that to the professionals!

So this past weekend when my friends at The Guild invited me to dine with them, I turned off the boiling water I was prepping for my KD and jumped in the car!

The Guild’s vibe is the perfect blend of a hip midtown Manhattan restaurant mixed with a old fashioned meatery that knows what it’s doing.

It’s the perfect place for a cozy date night, or a social affair with a group of friends.

Their new menu… A crowd pleaser that’s sure to impress your boxed pizza friends and your snobby food critic ones as well.

Here’s what I ate that gets the FAB tummy thumbs up of approval.

Ukrainian-style Deviled Eggs $13

Beet cured, smoked sour cream & chives.

If I were ever to be stranded on a deserted island and left with only one food item, these deviled eggs would be up for strong consideration!

Dry-aged Bone-in-Meatballs $15

Organic meatballs with beef glaze, smoked blue cheese and toasted walnuts

I was freaked when I heard ‘bone-in’, but the bone is just a giant tooth-pick that’ll help you pop these deliciously unique meatballs down your hatch quicker!

Roasted Beet Salad $16

Mixed beet, goat cheese espuma, feta, toasted omega seeds, pine nuts, sherry dressing.

What exactly is goat cheese espuma I’ll never know, but what it reminded me of is a mousse. A creamy goat cheese mousse base with an array of colorful beets piled atop.

Now after splitting these 3 items, I was more than pleasantly full and probably should have stopped… BUT my eyes caught a glance at the Maple-glazed Brisket ($29) in the mains and I just couldn’t resist!

And I’m glad I went for it!

10 ounce house-smoked Beretta Farms brisket, braised black barley, prairie corn, Saskatoon berries and pickled leeks.

After eating half of this I wanted to tap dance around the entire restaurant doing twirls… It was that good!

So good in fact, I’ll be asking Santa for The Guild gift cards loaded with maple-glazed brisket money this season!

Thanks Guild for sharing your new holiday menu with me!

You are absolutely delicious!

Mr. Fab -glazed brisket

Looking forward to reading your comments!