A New View of Calgary

October 31, 2017

Just when I thought I knew all the amazing wonders of the city I lived in, I was proven wrong as I was set up on a ‘blind date’ with Tourism Calgary to explore our city in a way I never knew existed!

After being picked up in a very swanky black SUV (I felt like I was famous), I was whisked through the city and past its limits to the west.

Wondering if this had all been a ruse and thinking I may have been kidnaped, my driver pulled up to a destination in Springbank and stopped.

And as I exited my luxury ride I was standing face to face with a helicopter at Mountain View Helicopters!

Terrified of heights I thought I should should run like some of my friends after a bad Tinder date but I thought I should at least try to get to know my new Heli friend before I fled screaming down the road.

So after investigating flight logs, credentials and discussing astrology signs and favourite foods, I knew I was in the very safe hands of an experienced pilot and agreed to board the airworthy vehicle for a first time experience!

From takeoff, tour to landing, my ride was 100x better, smoother and more enjoyable than I ever could have imagined.

It was as delicate and comfortable as Mario with a P-Wing!

And then there were the incredible, cool and breathtaking sites!

These were just 3 of my favourites

  • Canada Olympic Park (C.O.P) making its first snow of the season.

  • Heritage Park and a birds eye view of my favourite place to spend my time at in Calgary!

  • A Downtown View higher than any building or tower could ever offer!

The entire 30 minute trip was absolutely one of the coolest most unexpectedly fun things I have experienced since moving to the city over 15 years ago.

But my date wasn’t over yet!

After landing at the Helipad right beside the Peace Bridge (how VIP), it was time for a bite to eat on the island, Prince’s Island, at River Cafe.

And if you’ve been there before, you know exactly how that went!

Deliciously perfect!

A wonderful blend of local produce plated with Alberta meats and cheeses… The dishes couldn’t have been more beautiful or satisfying.

My date had sadly come to an end and I was dropped back off at home.

I had a perfect day and am not only filled with even more love for my city but also excited to take my next visitor on a tour of Calgary in such an exceptional way!

And in honour of the upcoming #LoveYYC day on November 4th, Mountain View Helicopters is offer 20% off future flight packages booked by that date.

Thanks Tourism Calgary for such an amazing ‘blind date’, you’re definitely swipe right-able!

Mr. Fab view

Looking forward to reading your comments!