Raven Social Photo-Booths Captures ALL Your Memories! Yes

October 27, 2017

One of the best parts of any event (or wedding) has got to be the photo booth! And when your friends are as vain as yourself, you can be assured the results will be… Well… Interesting!

A few weeks ago at our wedding, Raven Social Photobooths joined our party and like a moth to a flame ALL the party guests flapped their wings in front of it.

What they probably didn’t know (and will now be mortified to find out), we received a file of ALL of their GIFs.

And they were AMAZING!

Here are some of the favourite moments of our friends that made us laugh and smile!

How does this thing work?

I’ve always wondered what I look like drinking

I think I like this decor better right over here…

An aggressive dip and an unfortunate head smash.

I’ve always wondered what I look like eating Mac & Cheese…

Turning up the volume!

Pop culture


And lastly…

Not a chance!

Thanks to all our amazing guests for all the fun and to Raven Social Photobooths for catching them all in the act!

These are memories we’ll have forever!

Mr & Mr Fab

Looking forward to reading your comments!