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Top 4 Healthy Cookbooks

October 3, 2017

My significant other is a teacher, so we’ll often watch documentaries for ‘fun’. Recently we saw the Oscar nominated film ‘Food, Inc’. Wow. Watching that honestly upset me. Many images that I cannot shake.

I was raised by hippies, so I’ve always leaned more towards what comes out of the earth, but seeing that film has me thinking about the nutrients I’m putting into my body. Organic versus GMO. ‘Brand’ Farm versus Hand-Raised Farm. Meatless Mondays, etc

That said, after I get the quality ingredients, I need some inspiration. Voila, my Top 4 Healthy Cookbooks to help me on my continuing journey towards vitality!

The Oh She Glows Cookbook

I’m very late to the party on this one, but OUI! Brill vegan recipes. Tasty as F. Created by Canadian blogger, Angela Liddon, recovering from ED as many of us are, who began a path towards loving food as fuel. Her blog had so many recipes that she was approached to create a cookbook and it BLEW UP.

My faves: Gym Rat Smoothie, Salt & Vinegar Chickpeas, Creamy Avocado Pasta. DELICIOUS.

Crazy Sexy Kitchen

Kris Carr was a 31yr old NYC actor diagnosed with over 12 lesions on her liver. Cancer. A triple organ transplant to simply dying were her options. Her intuition guided her to study nutrition (fully accredited) in order to give her body as much of a fighting chance as possible. After a complete lifestyle overhaul, she’s now 45yrs old has a strong immune system, healthy blood work, tonnes of energy and the cancerous cells are still stable. AMAZING. (Read Crazy Sexy Diet – detest the title, but it’s highly educational in nutritional healthcare.) She’s sharing some keys to her success in Crazy Sexy Kitchen which she created with Chef Chad Sarno.

My faves: Morning Glorious Juice, Beetroot Ravioli, Chickpea with Root Veggie Tagine. So tasty!

Made in Quebec

For veggie and meat lovers alike, this cookbook is wonderful as it leads a culinary journey through the seasons in Quebec by Julian Armstrong. As my papa says, “eat all the colours when they’re in season and you’ll be just fine”. Featuring many chefs from all across la belle province with recipes from sweet to savory, every taste bud will be giggling with tasty delight. PS it’s written in English.

My faves: Bison Bourguignon, Pétoncles des Îles de la Madeleine au jus de liveche, Tarte Tatin. Drool inducing!

Amber Approved

And because I have a soft spot for kick *ss entrepreneurs, I must give a shout out to Calgary’s Amber Romaniuk R.H.N. Her debut cookbook is what I like to call KISS’d – Keep It Simply Silly. Nutrient dense recipes to balance a body from the inside out – au revoir, inflammation. (Read my past interview with her here.)

My faves: Banana Bread French Toast, Paleo Turkey Burgers, Basic Chocolate. Delicious fare, indeed!

Until I am able to have my own chef (pipe dream), I will continue to depend on wonderful recipes like these to guide me towards tasty health. Serve those greens with a side of cookbook brillance, pretty please!


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