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AG Summer Hair Arsenal

August 28, 2017

When the sun comes out, it’s like I’m 4 years old again. I just want to run outside and PLAY.

Due to my impulsivity, in the summer my hair turns into straw. In dire need of some lock love, for this lady. Lucky for me, AG Hair came to the rescue with their Summer Hair Arsenal!

WARNING: I’m a huge fan of the Canadian company AG Hair as they simply make quality haircare products – salt, paraben and cruelty free. There are so many fantastic products that I want to gush about and I’m ahem wordy. For quick reference, skim to a heading: Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask, Therapy and Styling.


Like all good things, a solid base must be in place before anything else —Cleanse and Condition!

Tech Two Protein-Enriched (296ml/$18). THEE BOMB. This shampoo leaves my hair light, bouncy and SO SOFT. As you all know, my hair is a crazy mish mash of curly, wavy and straight, so I depend on heat to ‘tame’ my mane. Sun + Styling Tools = DEAD ENDS. Rebuilds my strands with silk, wheat, keratin and oat proteins coupled with panthenol to soothe and restore my strands to shiny health! Über gentle with low PH. Meant for coloured hair, but due to my heat usage, Tech Two is perfect hair repair love for my tresses.

RENEW (296ml/$18). Montréal has free pools during the week all summer long, so you know this kid regularly grabs her floaties. Chlorine. Kills germs, but also trashes hair. Made specifically for swimmers, but this summer I also adored this shampoo after teaching Bootcamp classes as it clarifies the hair of anything that shouldn’t be there – i.e. gross salty sweat head – without drying my mane. Plus, the water babies in your family will have Ariel’s locks out of water!

Smoooth (296ml/$22) Break this little lady out when you are saluting the mother of straight hair: Cher. This rich shampoo creates simply beautiful healthy hair. Infused with argan oil and coconut oil, it smells divine and leaves my head full of soft sleek strands.
Conditioner and Mask

After the cleansing, conditioner is a must. No brainer. 3 of my fave’s from AG Hair that pair well with ANY of the above.

Conditioner Light Protein-Enriched (178ml/$18) is instant THERAPY for my hair.

Low PH and meant for colour treated hair, so it’s incredibly gentle. I don’t colour my hair, but due to teaching Barre I do wash often and could easily condition with this daily without damaging my hair. Protein-enriched, so nutrients and moisture are locked into the shaft which results in a gorgeous SHINE. Meant to be used with Repair, but honestly, it has worked beautifully with all 3 shampoos listed above. Bonus: smells like bananas and crème!

Sleeek (178ml/$22) is the conditioning sister to shampoo Smoooth. Tame those fly-aways into your best Kendall W Korea cover shoot nod. Lavish conditioner formulated with coconut and argan oils, PLUS moisturizing shea butter. ULTRA RICH. I wish I could use this on my entire body!

Reconstruct (178ml/$30) is a MUST for everyone’s beauty cupboard. If I could type in a chorus of singing angels I would because this product deserves it. Intense Anti-breakage Mask packed with keratin, silk proteins and shea butter. Repairs structure of hair and rejuvenates the scalp. When I have the time, I pamper myself by combing Reconstruct through clean locks and then sit with it covered for 20 minutes. Prepare for the softest hair EVER. Pssst smells delicately of white chocolate.

Therapy and Styling

Now with my tresses healthy, these hot August nights have me wanting to whoop it up with different looks! Thankfully, AG Hair carries everything for a lady’s hair styling needs.

Who doesn’t want Blake Lively’s husband, I mean HAIR? AG Hair brings us one step closer. Get the perfect bombshell-worthy beach waves in 3 steps:

Beach Bomb (156ml/ $22). Infused with keratin protein, silk amino acids and their Curl Creating Complex (C3) – hello, softest waves. The best part is that it’s SALT FREE. No more drying out your gorgeous mane to get that surf girl chic. Scrunch a small amount through damp hair and let ‘er dry!

Brunette Dry Shampoo (120g/ $28) OUI! Dry shampoo for us raven-haired ladies! Beach waves call for body, so give your locks a bit of lifting love by making Brunette work double duty – soak up excess oil and give texture. Spray into roots, massage with fingers, and put on your best Bridget Bardot smile!

Aerodynamics (284g/$21) Fine-misting and fast-drying finishing spray that gives high shine, UV protection and medium hold with low alcohol content. Low alcohol = less dry hair. Can I get a ‘oui, svp’! Give a once-over before walking out the door and those beachy waves will be there longer than you’ll be able to wear the 6” heels ; ).

Ms. Karshian-West’s sleek locks more your style? Incredibly easy to replicate with AG Hair in 4 steps:

Repair Serum (75ml/$24). Keratin rich, this leave in serum nourishes the hairshaft to reduce breakage and increase hair elasticity. This is another fave product of mine due to all my heat damage. Incredibly lightweight. Leaves my blown out locks super silky. Apply evenly through damp hair and kiss those split ends au revoir!

The Oil (30ml/$18). Extra Virgin Argan Miracle Smoothing Oil. Rich in Moroccan argan oil, This product added incredible softness and ‘slip’ to my hair. Just 1 pump when damp from mid-shaft to ends— I use after the Repair Serum. Psssst I’m a titch of a hair trollop. I add an extra pump when my locks are dry because I like the added shine and my sun damaged tresses need the extra moisture. Smells divine. Was getting groceries behind a gent and thought his cologne smelled fantastic. Nope, was my head of glorious oil-treated hair. A definite recommend!

Deflect (148ml/$24). Wish I had this product years ago as not only does it protect against heat damage, it also speeds up blow-drying time. Oh, the hours and split ends, I could’ve saved! It does what it says: fast dry heat protection. That simple. Spray liberally on damp hair – I use after the Repair Serum and The Oil. Blow dry. Then straighten those locks until they could cut glass!

Frizzproof (227g/$24). This is the cherry on top of the ice cream hair sundae! An anti-humidity finishing spray infused with argan oil. Dreamy! Even in humid Montréal, my straight locks stayed frizz free all night. Ciao, ‘Back to the Future’ Doc hair, hola smooth Kim K mane!

For years I’ve been a fan of AG and now my crush simply has become larger. Why? A specific product for my EVERY HAIR WHIM. To make it even better, all products can be found on Trade Secrets, which has free shipping!

My beauty cupboard is now filled with amazing haircare arsenal for the end of this summer season to take me into fall. Join me in repairing your summer locks by indulging in AG!

Mlle Fab Hair Arsenal


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