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GrenzCine Serum

August 24, 2017

As I get older, skincare becomes even more of a top priority. Let’s face it, my line of work worships youth. Once the wrinkles appear, say hello to grandma roles. Wish I was joking.

Thankfully, I was introduced to GrenzCine Serum by Vivier Pharma. A new serum to thicken thin skin.

Why thicken skin? Thicker skin is more voluminous, which mimics ‘youthful’ skin. The more elasticity & volume a face has, the less likely wrinkles are to appear. SOLD.

GrenzCine Serum’s pharmaceutical grade ingredients are the key. This innovative serum was created from 30years of clinical research – nothing is halfway with Vivier Pharma. It works using the (patent pending) Polyamine-DAB™ from the “outside in” and the Vitamin C from the “inside out”. This leaves the skin more luminous and youthful-looking, which helps to reverse the signs of aging.

I’ve been testing GrenzCine Slow Release Serum since my last story on skincare, which was in April. I like to give adequate time to a product, so I can honestly see how my skin reacts.

Usually when I switch face products I break out like mad. Super frustrating. So, I always come back to Vivier Pharma. With GrenzCine Serum, I had zero breakouts – probably because the ingredients were still pharmaceutical grade. What I did notice is that my skin started to crave it. Usually, I put retinol on in the evenings. With this serum, I started putting it on every other night.

Retinol one night. GrenzCine the next night. My skin simply wanted the nutrients in the serum. Intuitive skincare, who knew?!

It’s super light. 4 drops on the back of my hand. Smooth onto cleansed and toned face/neck/décolletage. Then I rub any excess into the back of my hands – au revoir, aging paws. I let my skin drink up the GrenzCine Serum; I wait a good 5 min before I put on any crèmes – guzzle those vitamins.

Again, I let my skin soak in the nutrients of the face creams (another 20 min) before sunscreen.

In terms of outcome, I have included recent shots from a photoshoot as well as ‘behind-the-scenes’ pics from a film I did a few weeks ago. On set, the Key Make-Up Artist looked at my face and said, “You have beautiful skin”. She didn’t even use foundation the first day.

True Story. (Thanks to photographers Benjamin Laird and David Edikovich for the pictures.)

This happens more often than not. Not trying to brag. I simply want everyone to experience the results that I have. Besides my maternal grandmother’s genes, I’m grateful for killer pharmaceutical grade products because actual results keep me coming back for more.

Even though I cannot fight aging forever, at least I now have GrenzCine Serum to make my battle victorious for a bit longer.
Keep those roles comin’!

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