Twitter Verified

August 22, 2017

Last week I was invited to join Rory Capern, the Managing Director of Twitter Canada for an evening of data and group discussions about one of the planet’s largest social media platforms; Twitter! (Canadians alone hold 18 million Twitter accounts).

Throughout the conversation we learned how Canadians are using and engaging in the platform, we also covered a variety of topics and trends that drive local conversations.

And then there was a surprise I was most definitely not expecting…..

Twitter Canada’s recommendation of 20 Top Accounts to follow.

I #died!

Mixed in with Jann Arden, a Dragon’s Den alumni, an Olympian, Political Party Representatives and the Mayor, was ME!!!

(I’d insert a photo of where my mouth hit on the floor if I had one!)

It was props from the Social Gods and confirmation that I’ve been doing something right all along.

The news even made it into print the next day!

The entire acknowledgment was a huge compliment to myself and my amazing FAB followers who have always been so fun to engage with!

And then to top off the exciting news, I was bestowed the medal of Twitter honour;

The Blue Checkmark!

The @immrfabulous account is officially verified!

Thanks Twitter Canada for the pat on the back and of course to the almost 5,000 friends that have connected with me on my favorite social platform!

You’re all the best!

Mr. Fab verified





Looking forward to reading your comments!