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My Weekend Eats!

August 16, 2017

Saturday night and I’m feelin alright…. That is until I realize I haven’t made dinner reservations. 

But then I remember my biggest secret…

The CORE – and some of my favourite restaurants – downtown!

Impossibly busy with businessmen & women on weekdays, but chill and relaxed on weekends. It always seems I’m even able to find a spot of some of their patios! 

Last week, in typical fashion, I grabbed some friends and hopped along Stephen Ave. 

Here’s where we stopped and here’s what we ate. Feel free to use this as your weekend roadmap. 

The Metropolitan Grill

Umbrella covered patio, great view of the Stephen Ave ‘Trees’ and a perfect place to people watch… And a 3-6pm happy hour! 

$3 pints and $6 frozé helped us cool down as we snacked on several delicious appys! 

Mini Burgers, Asian Dumplings and Hummus & Baked Brie! 

All better than anything I could have made at home! 

After sipping back the slush we were on to our next location, Cactus Club

Now I’ve been a long time lover of Cactus Club so when one finally opened in the CORE, close to my home, I literally danced down street.

A huge fan of their Bellini I made sure to order one right away, then opted for some more small bites to share.

Chicken Sliders, Tacos and parm truffle fries. 

Winner for that round (besides the Bellini)? Chicken slider! 

Perfectly crispy chicken, packed with flavourful toppings. 

With our pallet satisfied with the salty, it was time to move on to dessert. 

And if you’re looking for something original and a setting that perfectly moves you into the evening, you’ve got to hit up HY’s Steakhouse for their Banana’s Foster.

Prepared tableside in the dining room, the banana’s foster is a dessert within a show. 

First, ripe bananas are sautéed with butter, brown sugar and fresh orange juice, then flambé with dark rum in an incredible first light show!

Served over a bed of vanilla ice cream, this dessert really has it all!

After the sugary snack, head into the lounge for some of the most comfortable seating in the entire downtown and sip the night away! 

Spending a Saturday in the CORE with friends is an integral piece to a perfect weekend! 

Now that you know my Saturday secrets, just make sure you save a spot for me on the patio! 

Mr. Fab weekend eats

Looking forward to reading your comments!