50 Delicious Years

August 15, 2017

2017 marks a number of special occasions.

This year, I’ll be marrying my partner of 13 years… And McDonald’s will celebrate 50 years in Canada!

What do these 2 celebrations have in common?

My fiancé’s parents actually met 50 years ago in 1967 at Canada’s first ever McDonald’s in Richmond, British Columbia.

Married 5 years later, this year they celebrate their 45th wedding anniversary.

And today, I celebrate McDonald’s Canadian anniversary in Calgary’s very first McDonald’s…

And it was all things retro!

In honour of this special landmark anniversary, I’ve asked my soon to be Monther-in-Law (Su) to share the story of how her and Gord met 50 years ago at Canada’s first McDonald’s!

“Often in the evening people of all ages would gather at McDonald’s. One day, I had my Dad’s yellow convertible Buick and my friend Marj along. It was raining so the roof was up… I had scotchtape on my bangs and big rollers in my hair as I often did. 

We pulled in, the driveway was on right of building, then we drove around back and up to the front area on the left of the building. While passing by the back of building a whistle came from a blue car… My outgoing friend Marj returned the whistle.

Before we could find our money and head to the order window… 2 soaking wet guys were knocking on Marj’s passenger window and she waved them to hop into the backseat… Much to my dismay and fear… They shook our hands and introduced themselves, seeming harmless enough. We figured they were much older as they were dressed in Alpaca sweaters and tight jeans. We began chatting to find out that their names were Gordon and Derek, and they were from the only other high school in Richmond at the time.

Gord and I dated until we got married on September 16, 1972.  As we no longer live in the Richmond area, we often make a point of going to our favourite places from our teenage years when we travel through. In fall of 2015 after returning from a cruise, we stopped by the place where we met!”

And now, as things were back in 1967, Su and Gord (and all McDonald’s fans) can head into their local restaurant and enjoy a throwback to the classic menu items including their hamburgers which will be sold for $0.67 on August 16th from 11:00am-7:00pm, in recognition of the first-ever McDonald’s in Canada – in 1967!!

Happy Anniversary McDonald’s, it’s been a delicious 50 years for Canadians!

Mr.Fab burger

*Disclosure: I was compensated by McDonald’s Canada for this post, but all views and opinions are my own.


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