The Eats of Summer Feast

August 14, 2017

My Mom is the most frugal woman I know, and when it comes to finding a good value, she taught me well.

Right now, at 12 of Calgary’s most buzz-worthy restaurants, Summer Feast Menus are hitting the tables and smart diners (like myself) can getting some pretty sweet deals on 3 course meals.

And since I can’t pass up on a ‘sweet deal’, I decided to hit up two restaurants on the same day…

Here are my findings and what I chose to eat

Lunch at Bridgette Bar (3 course $25)

Appetizer: (2 choices)

Little Gem Salad, Blue Cheese, Bacon Gremolata

Little Salad and a lot of Bacon and Blue Cheese… Just the way I like it.
This salad is all money!

Main: (2 choices)

Sweet Corn and Shrimp Fusilli Pasta

Small but delicious… I could have eaten 2 of them.

Dessert: (1 choice)

Brown Butter and Olive Oil Ice Cream Sandwiches

These ice cream sandwiches are a part of Bridgette Bar’s regular dessert menu and if they are ever removed I’ll flip a table!!!

They are ridiculously good and worth every sinful calorie!

Then it was home for a nap to rest up befor my next feeding.

Dinner at The Guild (3 course $35)

Appetizer: (3 choices)

Sausage Roll.
Housemade sausage, pie dough, smoked sea salt, cherry HP sauce

I’ve always thought the best sausage roll was sold at Heritage Park… Until now!

Main: (4 choices)

Berreta Farms Steak Frites.
7oz tri-tip steak, house cut chips, summer greens with a side of bearnaise sauce.

A Generous portion that’ll fill you up. And who doesn’t love dipping fries into Bernese sauce!

Dessert: (2 choices)

Carrot Cake.
Cream cheese icing, walnut crumble served with a side of vanilla icing.

Just the right amount of cake so you’re not waddling out.
Nicely spiced and perfectly moist.

It’s always great to try new restaurants and with the fixed menus of Summer Feast, making the choice isn’t too overwhelming

Now I just have 10 more restaurants to visit before Summer Feast ends on August 20th!

Mr. Fab feast

Looking forward to reading your comments!