Ice Skating FAB

August 2, 2017

I’ve been working in Film/Television since I’ve been 16.

And although my childhood dreams of becoming a famous movie star haven’t really panned out, I’m still happy and overjoyed every time I book ‘blurry background’ on a set.

So late last year, when my agent called to book me as an ‘ice skater’ in a Dodge Ram commercial, I gleefully accepted.

Set in a remote location of Canadian Rockies, the backdrop was a perfectly beautiful way to spend the day.

The concept of the commercial:

A small town looking to celebrate a snow day by spending it on the ice….

Enter a Dodge Ram to clear the pond!

After the hero Dad removes the snow, a day of skating ensues.

And although only a slice of my shoulder makes the final cut, being on set with such a great cast and crew of people was a perfect way to enjoy a minus 20 day in the Alberta landscape!

Here’s the final edit of the commercial for your enjoyment!

Maybe my shoulder will make it big one day!

Mr. Fab on the ice

Looking forward to reading your comments!