Land of Lemurs

July 6, 2017

Tomorrow the Calgary Zoo will open their newest habitat, The Land of Lemurs. 

The new home to 3 species of Madagascars Lemurs has taken over 1 year to build and a cost of 8 million dollar. 

The underlying hope is that the new exhibit will help share the story of the extremely endangered species and the imposing dangers to their forest home.

After entering the boardwalk, groups of approx. 25 guests will be paired with a Calgary Zoo interpreter and be lead on a 25 minute experience through the new land where the Lemurs will play. 

Then, in a truley unique Calgary Zoo first, you’ll be invite inside an open-air immersive experience?

The Adventure Loop: 

Inside, the small group will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with the Lemurs (at the Lemurs comfort), in 10 minute intervals.

Once inside the gates you’ll meet the 7 Ring-Tailed & 4 Red-Front Lemurs who make up the current inhabitants in the Adventure Loop. 

Then you’ll head back out to theBoardwalk where you can check out the Black-and-White Ruffed Lemurs as the bask in their own private enclosure. 

The entire experience is a reminder of how wonderful and vibrant the worlds wildlife is and the importance of educating people on how to keep it and it’s animals healthy! 

The Land of Lemurs opens July 5th at the Calgary Zoo.

Mr. Fab murs

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