Summer Shopping at Willow Park Village

June 21, 2017

When it comes to daily tasks and completing ‘lists’, the last thing I have time for is a lot of running around.

If you follow me on Instagram Stories or Snapchat (both as @immrfabulous) you’ve definitely seen me hitting up the shops at Willow Park Village.

Truth is, they seem to have it all.

Willow Park Wine & Spirits has so many exclusive offerings that are not sold anywhere else in the city.

And Urban Butcher just opened earlier this month (I live on their pre-made meals of soup, casseroles, lasagna, pizza, and yes… frozen cookie dough!).

Then there’s tanning, coffee, dry cleaning, consignment, fashion and Crave Cookies and Cupcakes (they make all sorts of treats!).

Willow Park Village is really a one-stop place to shop, and it’s an open air plaza concept – perfect for me to catch some vitamin D as I pop in and out of the stores.

And if you’re a Instagram-oholic like me looking for the perfect backdrop, they’ve got that too!

They’ve also recently added a swaying Umbrella art installation that’s pretty cool as well.

So if you’ve got a lot of gathering to do but not a lot of time to spend driving to and fro, check out Willow Park Village.

And if you see me there, cupcakes on me!

Mr. Fab at Willow Park

Looking forward to reading your comments!