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Parlez-Vous Aubade? #SpeakAubade

June 14, 2017

When I was studying in France, I was impressed that no matter what store I walked into the lingerie section was always MASSIVE. Underpinnings galore!

So it is no surprise to me that innovation in lingerie is lead by the French company Aubade. And, I was lucky enough to see their upcoming lines from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018.

In a word: GORGEOUS.

Aubade is la crème de la crème of luxury lingerie. Hand-made underthings. Lace designed in house and tatted by artisans to be used strictly for Aubade pieces. The lace on that panty? Only can be found at Aubade. It’s wearable art.

Here is a sneak peek!

Fall 2017

Lace and Flowers. Gorgeous pairing.

The lace on the back of the panty is delightfully cheeky. Pun intended.

There is something for the gent in your life, too.

Cotton structured boxer brief. Fun fabrics = Fun times, oui ;)?

Swoon This treated lace set is something to behold.

It has a leather-like finish, a hint of Swarovski crystal on the brassiere front and is stunning when adorn. MUST TRY IT ON. Then seduce. I mean do the laundry…Trust.

Winter 2017

Silk. There is nothing more luxurious against the skin than silk.

This bronzed pumpkin Cami and Tap Pant ensemble is coquettish while being incredibly comfortable.

And to me, there is nothing more feminine than white lace with baby pink.

So delicate. So pretty. Simply classic.

Spring 2018…

You’ll have to wait a bit longer to see it…but I can tell you that no one will be disappointed!

Aubade should be in every lady and gentleman’s wardrobe. Haute couture for the every day. Beautiful artistry that only you know you’re wearing. That said, I completely encourage you to share with your significant other, so you can Parlez-Aubade together!

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