A Stay to Remember

June 13, 2017

With all my travelling I guesstimate that I spend approximately 200 nights a year in hotel rooms, and as such I consider myself a self-proclaimed ‘stay expert’.

With so many nights in beds not my own, impressing me during a stay is next to impossible… And to be quite honest it seems the hotel staff in many cases don’t even really bother to try to make it memorable.

That all changed this week when I booked a staycation at Hyatt Calgary.

After walking a million steps on a recent getaway, sweating profusely in the 35+ humid heat, and eating less than average foods, I was looking for a laundry list of important ‘wants’ during my Hyatt stay:

  • Some tootsie TLC at the Hyatt’s  Stillwater Spa
  • Great Food
  • Quality Cocktails
  • A healthy dose of Air Conditioning

So how did my staycation turn out?

Air conditioning – check…

Now that I was nice and cool… I was off to the spa.

The Stillwater Spa

The before and after amenities of the Stillwater Spa are some of the best in the city.

An in-changeroom jacuzzi, eucalyptus steam room and rainfall shower are hot and ready for personal enjoyment while the common waiting area is well stocked with fruit, beverages and a number of house made treats.

Not wanting to leave all these perks, I reluctantly made my way up the stairs to the spa for my ‘sport pedicure’ where a perfect temperature bath for my feet was waiting.

And what I experienced over the next 60 minutes was no word of a lie the best pedicure I have ever had in my entire life.

The estheticians were well trained and so incredible friendly.

After a round of power tools my feet left baby soft and my nails were buffed to a healthy shine

Next I was off for a liquid patio lunch at their Sandstone Lounge.

And it was uniquely refreshing!

Unlike most large chain hotel menu offerings, the Hyatt Calgary has free reign when it comes to creating its one of a kind cocktail list.

And most of the libations have been created and named by individual staff members like the Ocean Breeze which was concocted by their Bahamian bartender who refers to this cocktail as “Calgary’s Beach”.

All the cocktails are deliciously creative and waaaaayyyyy too easy to drink!

Then came the food!

Equally as well thought out, the menu has a wide range of offerings which make it impossible to just pick one dish!

Missing from the photo are the incredible Steak Bites & Crispy Onion Rings I started with!

And the best part?… The service team!

The ability to smile and be kind while you’re hustling on a sunny 30 degree patio to make a perfect afternoon experience for your customers… Just give them the 2017 White Hat Award… They deserve it!

Then, after being well hydrated and fed, I was back to my room to kick up my feet and take in some of the city’s best views.

And the Hyatt’s got one of the best.

Being an architecture buff, getting to be this up-close and personal with the under-construction Telus Sky building designed by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) was an incredible opportunity.

As I drifted into my slumber in my cozy king bed I was feeling totally relaxed and refreshed. I cannot wait to come back for another staycation!

Mr. Fab refreshed!


Looking forward to reading your comments!