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We Come CLEAN on Our Favourite Summer Scents

June 6, 2017

Living in Ontario and Quebec, we know humidity. A humid summer can lead to many “interesting” smells…scent seems amplified when humidity is added into the equation.

Realizing we don’t want to offend anyone’s olfactories, but we also want to smell delish and wear scents that reflect the season; we wanted to share with you our latest favourite summer perfumes. When Mlle and I started talking about this idea, we realized we were both listing off CLEAN perfumes!

CLEAN is a fragrance brand that prides itself on three company ideals to always be Simple, Nostalgic and Conscious. With an incredible variety, the prefect ability to layer and customize, we hope you love these scents as much as Mlle and I do.

So, without further adieu, a She Said, She Said on CLEAN Summer Scents.


Mlle Fab:

Wild Roses. Lavender fields. Spring Rain. I am a nutbar for fresh scents, but nothing overpowering. So when it comes to light airy Eau de Parfum, CLEAN is my go to. Everything they make is unisex, so I never worry about smelling like a Paris bar at 3am. Trust me, it’s not subtle.

This Summer, I’ll be reaching for LOVEGRASS on a daily basis. To me, it’s a ‘light refreshing rain’ delicately bottled.


Top notes – lemon blossom, clementine, lemon and black pepper
Middle notes – iris, orange blossom and rose petals
Base notes – white wood, amberwood, patchouli, labdanum and musk.

Incredibly delicate, it smells like I just stepped out of a shower. All. Day.

Super versatile, I think it pairs perfectly with a t-shirt and jeans or a chiffon tea dress!

CLEAN Ultimate Beach Day Eau de Toilette: $74/60ml

M Fab:

This limited edition fragrance screams Summertime! When I put it on, I am instantly transported to a tropical beach holiday, complete with coconut daiquiri. It is so beachy and light and pretty. I recommend this scent for someone who plans on attending festivals or the beach this summer.




Top Notes: Mandarin Orange, Italian Bergamot, Lemon, Kaffir Lime
Middle Notes: White Rose, Tuberose, Neroli, Jasmine, Angelica, African Orange Flower, Lavender, Sea Notes
Base Notes: Musk, Amber, Sand

Available at Sephora and

CLEAN RESERVE Six Piece Travel Spray Layering Collection ($67/ 30ml)

Mlle Fab:

Because I live in Québec and I’m from SK, not only do I double kiss, but I also add in a hug for good measure. I can’t help it: Prairie skies raise huggers. Needless to say, others are often in my personal space. There is something so intimate about a scent that can only be experienced after being ear to ear. The crux is my loved ones are all across Canada, USA, UK and Australia; so visiting them includes travel. The perfect perfume travel-kit (that I can carry-on!) is the CLEAN RESERVE Six Piece Travel Spray Layering Collection.

This is a collection of 6 layer-able fragrances of 5ml each = 30ml total.

Logistically, well under 1L carry-on flight limit.

Stylistically, CHOICES GALORE.

Cliff notes of NOTES:

Sel Santal – woody, citrus, powdery, fresh spicy, balsamic
Blonde Rose – woody, rose, musky, aldehydic (soapy, lemon, floral), fresh
Warm Cotton {Reserve Blend} – green, aldehydic, aquatic, fresh spicy, musky
Rain {Reserve Blend} – citrus, white floral, patchouli, fresh spicy, warm spicy, aromatic
Citron Fig – citrus, green, aromatic, fresh spicy, warm spicy
Sueded Oud – musky, balsamic, leather, smoky, oud (precious, dark, fragrant resin), warm spicy

Wear alone or layer it up. Take the time to let the scent mix with your own body chemistry; it’s a completely different experience than straight from the bottle. This Summer, my ‘double kiss hugs’ have never smelled so good!

CLEAN FOR MEN – Black Leather Eau de Toilette: $98 / 3.4 Fl. Oz.

M. Fab:

Looking to spice up those hot summer nights? Black Leather by CLEAN for Men, is the perfect scent. Spicy, smoky, musky and confident. I find it completely unisex and unisexy.



Top Notes: Ozonic Marine, Bergamont, Black Peppercorn
Middle Notes: Juniper, Spearmint Leaf, Black Orchid
Base Notes: Musk, Black Leather, Amber

Next time you are in Sephora, stop in for a sniff and let us know which scent is your favourite for summer.
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Looking forward to reading your comments!