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Stoneleigh, Celebrity Chefs and FAB Fangirls! 

May 10, 2017

I’m a ‘foodie’, ‘drinkie’ and ‘dessertie’.

So last night I literally had to pinch myself as I found myself sitting across from famed Chef Mark McEwan while I sipped and shovelled food in my face.

And it wasn’t just any ordinary meal…

Hosted by Stoneleigh Wines, the perfectly paired dinner not only included a custom created 2nd & 3rd course by Chef McEwan, but also a 1st & 4th course created by Top Chef alumni Chef Connie DeSousa and Charcut/Charbar’s Cochef/Owner, Chef John Jackson!

And I was #dead!


I was so on cloud nine the kitchen wanted to ring my neck for eating so slow…. What can I say, I was fangirling!

The combination of dishes from Chef Connie & John were that of old classics, 100 day aged whole roasted bone in New York strip loin paired with Stoneleigh Lattidude Pinot Noir.

And soon to come, new menu items like the Labneth with citrus, olive oil, poached artichoke, and marinated chili paired with Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc.

Which in layman terms (my terms) was: Greek yogurty flavorfully salty zippy goodness that you spred on toasted Sourdough.
Basically if I carried a purse I would have scraped the leftovers into it… Or just dumped plate and all in!

Then it was Chef Mark’s turn to dazzle us.

As if his strip loin plating skills weren’t enough…

His first dish, Orata, a fish I had never eaten before was seared to perfection.

While his second dish of pigtail, marscapone polenta and quail egg had me doing a Beyoncé style happy dance under the table!

At first I wasn’t sold on it, so I just sipped on the Stoneleigh Classic Chardonnay (my favorite wine of the night)… But when I saw fingers swiping the plate, I decided to go all in and I LOVED it!

Then dessert.

So good, so delicious, I can’t even talk about the salted caramel chocolate putting crunch or I’ll tear up!

The entire evening was a memory to write home about and celebrating great food and wine with such great people was unforgettable!

Thanks for being the ultimate hosts!

Mr. Fab food & wine dreamin!

Looking forward to reading your comments!