LA NUIT SAUVAGE: The Dream Factory

April 26, 2017

Over the years I’ve been to a lot of events, and for the most part they have been pretty clear in their offerings.

Then came along LA NUIT SAUVAGE: The Dream Factory this past weekend.

The Dream Factory is a surreal dream-filled night, brimming with art, illusion and strange wonders.”

So with that statement I went in expecting the unexpected.

And indeed ‘Surreal & Strange‘ was exactly what was offered!

The Dream Factory had us twisting and turning around corners and up staircases through the labyrinth of Theatre Junction GRAND into rooms where unexplainable sound chambers awaited us.

We met with the Queen of Hearts and participated in a ‘meow-opera‘ and took a musical ride on a firey gondola.

There were unique snacks and complex cocktails and cupcakes begging to be eaten.

Performers dangled from the ceiling and a mysterious trial was held in the alley.

The whole evening was indeed a “Wild Night” that felt like a “Dream”.

And when it was time to wake, a cereal bar awaited us!

The night was a perfectly unexpected and unexplainable dream….

Looking forward to next year’s adventure

Mr. Fab factory.

Looking forward to reading your comments!