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Wild Tea Kombucha Giveaway 

April 25, 2017

Growing up, one of my best friends was my cousin Christal. Two completely different personalities that seemed to have everything and nothing in common all at the same time!

We loved chatting late night on ICQ and spending our weekends sneaking into underground raves. And although her TLC ‘Chasing Waterfalls’ performance skills were average, we were still the best of friends.

She was always a free spirit at heart; she loved weird music, scented herself with strange oils, decided dreadlocks were a good idea (I later spent hours brushing them out), and drank things I couldn’t pronounce.

Those were the things that set us a part.

But now, as an adult, with exception to the dreadlocks, I’m digging the things she was into decades ago!

I love SAJE Wellness products, my music preferences are more varied than just Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl‘ and I’m loving Kombucha!

Not ever wanting to admit to her that she was right and way before her time, I’ve been secretly sucking back Wild Tea Kombucha since I discovered them at the Calgary Folk Festival…. (ohmygod, I’m a hippie!)

And although I actually really have no idea what I’m drinking, I know one thing….

I like it! 

And the best part? The makers of Wild Tea Kombucha aren’t all ‘judgy’ when it comes to adding a little alcohol into their product.

In fact, they actually have come up with some fun recipes to party up their beverage.

Now for those people who have never tasted Kombucha and are wondering what it tastes like, let me give you a few descriptive words of what I think it tastes like:

  • tangy
  • sweet
  • sour
  • fizzy
  • juicy
  • tart
  • delicious

It’s all the things really.

So here’s the thing… Instead of taking my word for it, I want to give a nay sayer who’s never tasted Wild Tea Kombucha the chance to fall in love with it like I have by giving away this ridiculously amazing gift pack!

All you need to do is tweet the following:

If @immrfabulous loves @WildTeaKombucha maybe I will too! 

I’ll pick a winner at random by the end of the week and award them all this goodness! I can’t wait to hear what the winner thinks after their first swig!

Good luck!

Mr. Fab ucha

Looking forward to reading your comments!