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Spring Clean Your Beauty Cupboard – Hair!

April 19, 2017

You Spring Clean your house…it’s time to clean out that beauty cupboard! This week is our final story of our Spring Cleaning series and I’m featuring some of the very best hair products currently on the market.

As someone with thin, flat, naturally mousey brown hair – the pursuit of the perfect hair products to help me ‘fake it ‘til I make it’ is relentless. I want to find the best of the best…and I’ve found them!

While some people are obsessed with the perfect dry shampoo and others with the perfect texture spray, the hair products I’ve curated below have more than my seal of approval and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Because my hair is generally limp and too soft to do much with, I love a good texture spray to add volume, dimension and hold without having to use hairspray.

Amika: Un.Done Texture Spray ($30)

The first thing I love about the amika Un.Done Texture Spray is the packaging. The second is the smell…do you remember Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth perfume? It smells like I remember that smelling, so my 90s nostalgia gets kicked into overdrive every time I use this. But the most important thing is the amount of texture this spray gives my locks is perfectly perfect. For a gal with thin hair – this texture spray is for you. Not too stiff, not too limp, just the right grip while still allowing for movement in your quest for the perfect beachy-wave.

Found in select hair salons across Canada (or Sephora, if you are in the US).

Moroccan Oil Dry Texture Spray ($30)

Another texture spray I can’t get enough of right now is Moroccan Oil’s Dry Texture Spray. This has a bit more grip than the amika spray, so it’s perfect when you need to prime your hair for an updo or braid. It is dry Argan-oil infused, so it acts like a treatment for your hair as well. Plus it smells amazing. Found at select salons across Canada, if you see this – snap it up and thank me later.

Joico’s Blonde Life ($20 – $25)

I know I lighten my hair more when Spring hits and to protect those lovely blonde shades, I switch shampoo and conditioners to blonde-specific lines. Joico just released a brand new line – Blonde Life – that I have been using now for a few weeks and really love. The lather is thick and luxurious and the conditioners leave my processed locks feeling soft and manageable. This line comes with a shampoo, conditioner and hair masque. Created to combat the three dreaded “B’s” many blondes experience (brassiness, brittleness and breakage), this sulfate-free line will change your blonde for the better.

Oligo’s Blacklight Blue Shampoo ($40)

Going a lighter shade in the summer is perhaps on your mind? With this shampoo specifically made for highlighted, bleached, white and natural blonde hair – you can colour without the worry of ever looking brassy. The trick with this shampoo is to let it sit for at least 2-5 minutes so it can work it’s magic…and magic it makes! I used it once and the next day was asked if I just got my hair freshly coloured. 

Phyto Paris: Phytoelixir  ($45)

Launching this March, the new Phyto Paris Phytoelixir has really stepped up my hair game by restoring its natural shine. Ideal for very dry hair, I apply this nutrition oil to the ends of my damp hair before I blow dry, avoiding my roots. Its super rich in Vitamin E and a nourishing oil blend, so even my fine hair soaks up the nutrients without feeling heavy or looking greasy. Once dry, my hair feels soft like a kitten and I can’t stop smelling it (like a creep!)…the scent is so so lovely.

TWEEZERMAN Hideaway Brow Brush ($25)

You know we are all fans of TWEEZERMAN here at They make great products and this one is no different. Cleverly combining  a mini version of their iconic Slant Tweezer inside a spiral brush. Perfect for travel, perfect for your purse – you can touch up your brows easily and save space while doing it. This nifty product is currently available on their website.

That is the final story for our Spring Cleaning beauty series. I hope all the products recommended treat you as well as they have treated me. If you have any questions about any of them, please follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@immfab) and ask away, or comment below.

Thanks for following along! Happy Spring, you Beauties!

M Fab BeautyLover

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