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Spring Clean Your Beauty Cupboard – Eye Cream!

April 11, 2017

You Spring Clean your house…it’s time to clean out that beauty cupboard! This week I’m featuring my favourite eye-care products.

I know this winter in Toronto we saw like zero sunshine, so protecting that sensitive skin around your eyes was probably not top of mind.

No sun = no squinting = no attention paid to those peepers.
But with Spring sunshine on the way, protect your beautiful eyes with the perfect eye treatments. Here are three of my latest favourites:

LIERAC Paris Premium Eyes – Absolute Anti-Aging ($95)

The gold and black packaging had me at hello. So ooh la la…but I love what is inside even more!

This March, LIERAC Laboratories released this new eye-care product into their most advanced product line – their global anti-aging Premium line. Using a combination of science and nature, this line corrects all the visible signs of aging; like wrinkles, drooping lids, dark circles and dark spots. Yes please!

Able to try this product ahead of launch, I’ve been using this product every day for the past month and love it’s cream-balm texture, how fast it sinks into my skin without leaving a greasiness that impedes my make-up application, and how bright my eyes are looking. Realizing this is a pricey option; you barely need a full pump for both eyes.

For Beloved One Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Eye Cream ($70)

Called ‘cosmaceutical’ skincare, this Taiwanese skincare company is making waves in Asia. I was introduced to this line and was immediately intrigued. The packaging looks so scientific…I was a mix of excited and scared to put this on my face.

With a combination of very sciency ingredients (like ‘EyePro 3XECTTM‘) and promises to replenish my skin by helping it retain natural moisture for up to 48 hours while reducing and preventing fine lines, eye bags and dryness around the eyes you can find this line at T&T; this product has been working like a charm. I’ve noticed the skin around my eyes feel super hydrated with increased luminosity!

Guerlian’s Orchidee Imperiale – The Eye and Lip Cream ($235)

I know, I know…the price is high for just 15ml of this product – but it is an eye AND lip cream. So two for one, right?!

I can’t help but feel like royalty each time I open the golden lid and apply this super luxurious eye and lip cream to my far-from-royal face.

Made with their new Gold Orchid Technology, this smoothes, redefines and allows for flawless make-up application. I’ve been using it since the summer and a little goes a long way. Guerlain has been creating luxe products since 1828 and they continue to create products that are proven to work. Found at Nordstrom, The Bay and Holt Renfrew across Canada, feel like Kate and treat yo self!

We are excited to our final ‘Spring Cleaning’ products with you next week – the best spring hair products from the perfect dry shampoo to a luxurious leave-in treatment that will add wow factor to those locks. Stay tuned!

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