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My Facial MUSTS! 

April 10, 2017

I love SPA-ing and so does my face. Facials are my number one spurge worthy item.

So when I cash in my piggy bank I’m always looking to get the best service that offers the max results.

This year in Essential Calgary, a luxe magazine that can be found in the city’s top hotel guest rooms, I dish on some of my favourite and some of the most technologically advanced treatments on the market.

Two of my stand out treatments from this article that I swear have changed the quality and appearance of my skin:

My first is the ‘Vampire Facial‘ (PRP Facial) from V Medi-Spa

It’s absolutely diminished a facial scar I’ve had since I was 5 years old by at least 50% (after just one treatment), as well as lifted and firmed my skin.

My second, I-can’t-be-without treatment, is the Vital O2 Lux Oxygen Facial at Babor Beauty Spa.

This cold oxygen facial which works its way into my deepest layer of skin where my cells renew themselves, and provides me an immediate 360 to my appearance. And the results just keep getting better during the week following.

It’s a must for myself or anyone that wants to look there best for an important photo shoot (ie: a Wedding or 40th Birthday)

These are just a few of my favourite treatments that are well worth the money & time spent.

To find out more about some of my other favourite treatments, chat with a hotels concierge and see if they can help snag you a copy of Essential Calgary!

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