Spring Clean Your Beauty Cupboard – Makeup!

April 4, 2017

You Spring Clean your house…it’s time to clean out that beauty cupboard! This week I’m featuring my favourite new Spring makeup releases for that beautiful face of yours.

Makeup gets old quicker than you think, so make it a helpful habit to do an audit every six months. Chuck that lipstick you don’t remember buying and say sayonara to that mascara that has become flaky and chunky. Go. Do it now! I’ll wait…

OK, you’re back. Now – look at all that room you’ve made to stock up on some of my favourite new makeup releases for Spring, like these:

Quo Matte Revolution Foundation ($24)

This foundation is intense coverage for those who want to look like they’re wearing makeup…which is not a look for everyone, but some days you just need that extra bit of help. I love the luminous matte finish and the fact it is paraben free. But, what I love the most is how you don’t need to apply concealer when you wear this. It does double duty. In fact, I’ve been using this as my concealer for the past month, blending under my eyes with my Beauty Blender, and couldn’t love it more.

Paul & Joe Beauté’s Feline Fête Anniversary Makeup Collection ($Priceless)

I can’t. This Anniversary kit is too much for this cat-lover to take. Coming with six, cat-shaped face and eye colours in limited edition shades in an adorable tin case, a floral cat-shaped zipper pouch, the floral vanity box and the most precious lipstick of all time. I mean, look at this. A hat AND a bowtie?!?:

I don’t know what to say except you’ll feel ridiculously adorable putting these shades on that face of yours each morning.

Joe Fresh Beauty Tinted Lip Balm

Not only does the elevated look of this balm’s packaging have me at hello, I am a lover of lip products that do more than just add colour. Coming in ten shades, this tinted balm is packed with shea butter, passion fruit, sunflower, avocado and rosehip oils so it adds a punch of colour while rehydrating those dry lips.  And these don’t just add an idea of colour…they are really pigmented so I use mine like a lipstick.

Quo Spring Face Palettes ($20)

Coming with highlighters, bronzers and blush, these lightly pigmented palettes are a great bang for your beauty buck.  The Quo Spring collection has two of these palettes – one for warmer and one for cooler skin tones.

And this packaging!! Like a swirly Spring pastel dream. It is seriously so beautiful.

St. Tropez Everyday Illuminating Face Cream ($30)

For some people, Spring means putting away that foundation and relying on the sweet rays of the sun to add colour. Instead of exposing my skin to the rays, I’ve been trying out different face tanners…and just love this St Tropez gradual tan, plus ‘luminous veil’. St. Topez are the self-tanning OGs, so they know what’s up and this product gave me a lovely warm glow without the oompa loompa.

And it’s easy to use: after washing your face, apply this cream, wait until it’s dry to put your moisturizers and makeup on…but remember to wash your hands. It gradually builds a lovely sun kissed glow but also helps hydrate your skin and brightens our complexion with its ‘light-reflecting pearls’.

We are excited to share more ‘Spring Cleaning’ products with you in the upcoming weeks. From the best new hair products to amazing new eye creams, Spring is the best time to freshen up your beauty routine.

M. Fab spring face

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