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A ‘Charming’ Cinderella Giveaway 

March 28, 2017

13 years ago I was lucky enough to have found my ‘Prince Charming’…  But prior to that I was on the hunt attending Balls and sweeping the country side in search of my perfect match.

The dating scene was ruthless and if I wanted to be in the running and I had to stand out.

On April 25, Broadway Accross Canada will bring to stage the tale of Cinderella and I want to send you and your Prince (or Princess) Charming on date night with 2 tickets to this see this magical tale unfold on stage.

To be considered for these tickets, I want to know your secrets! Share with me;

What’s your one date night add-on that makes you feel amazingly special? 

Enter by commenting below or tweeting me at @immrfabulous.

For me, I always add 1 shot of cologne too many… That makes me feel ‘ready’ to win at love. And if I’m really feeling it, I might even pull out the iron!

So share your secrets with me and hopefully I’ll be your Fairy Godmother, sending you on a romantic date night with the one you’ve already locked down or your next swiped tinder match!

Winner will be chosen at random this weekend.

Good luck and get ready to board your pumpkin coach!

Mr. Fab erella

  1. I always wear flashy dress socks with cool patterns on them. Something about them makes me feel good!

  2. I like to ensure super fresh breath so I floss, brush AND use mouthwash. Nothing worse than someone even hinting you have bad breath!! 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. Face Primer even without a full face of makeup. It makes your skin feel sooo extra soft 🙂 good for the smoochin 😉

Looking forward to reading your comments!